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這不是一個專業的攝影Project. 我於中環閒逛, 將我的感覺拍下來, 我們身邊有很多很美麗的東西, 可能已經幔遺忘, 被忽略, 可能是很古舊的, 不等如已經無用, 珍惜身邊有的, 不要只在意在金錢和新的東西, 不要只在意發展, 應該把我們的記憶保留下來。


This project taken by Govad aka Fung, this is not a really "Pro project", this is just something I walk around and take all the things make me think "Um.. I should show someone".

There are so many things is so much more beautiful than we think, yes, may be they are old, peoples always forgot, but, that wans't mean they are useless.

Keep them, don't just think about money and new things, attaction back to something we have, they are beautiful.


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Wow... great pictures! I love them!
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