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I had attend Jeanne"s acting class on the 13th of this month. How can i start because there are so much to tell. As English is my 2nd language, it takes courage to practice any new scene in front of other actors, directors, producer and script writers . Not only that, I never had any acting training class before, i never join in any drama team or any workshop is related to acting, because i never thought that i will go for the acting career...  i am in this show business by chance, so i don't know the way i present my acting is right or not. BUT , i find out more movie i had made, more i love this career, not because what it can give me, is what i can discover about my-self.  So for me , i truly have high expectation on Jeanne's class. I expect the class can bring me deeper in acting and believable and inspire me in my acting career.

After 2 days class, All i can say is EXCELLENT!! Jeanne cover most questions that i had want to asked (  you know, sometime you know or can feel something is wrong but you just can't put it in wording?)   And Jeanne do push us and each individually to work our best out in different scenes. And our classmate , they are fabulous! ( Hey Guys, You are Fabulous!!) I can see everyone of us are get better and better under Jeanne's throwing some hints coaching for the scene.

I see everyone in the class are very gifted. Everyone has their own way and feeling from the character they received.

What Jeanne's class did for me is not just normal acting, But to create a believable character that can catch audience's emotion and let your character alive in front of everybody.

Jeanne, i loved the class , thank you for what you giving us, me. 

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Fabulous! Glad you got so much out of it. =)
about 10 years ago
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add oil
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i'm glad you had a good time! i took the beginner class. it was great!
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