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Farini still in USA

Is almost 3 months since i arrived from Hong Kong. I am planning to spend the Christmas here in USA, is also my 1st time to spend time here in Christmas and the New year. The last time i was in States was 2 years ago around Chinese New Year and i had a great time with my cousin Mic and Mabel and Uncle Don. This year, i know it will be very fun because i am meet some interesting people in States also will have chance to meet with some film people around in States in ATL and CLT. I am very much enjoy speaking in english and have a very little cantonese in between, it always bring me alots of fun just to say something that people here is not understand....hee, also is my chance to teach some chinese word to all my new friends in States.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
glad you are having fun over there!!!
大约 9 年 ago
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omggggggggg have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hope you love the US!!! hahahahaha are u coming to california at any point?!
大约 9 年 ago
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You have a great time there. I'll see you around CNY!!
大约 9 年 ago
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Best wishes in 2010
大约 9 年 ago


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