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Takeshis' / たけしス’

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Takeshis' (2005)


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In addition to 'Perhaps Love' the other DVD i bought in CWB last week was Takeshi Kitano's " "( official site, trailer), which like many of his films is rather ... meaning its one of those movies that is hard to even describe a plot for. Basically its something like this:>Takeshi Kitano plays two characters in the film, one is a version of himself (famous movie star, TV personality, etc) and the other is a slow witted, struggling actor who works at a Convenience Store and goes from audition to audition... They live parallel lives, many of the actors who play characters in the movie star Takeshi's lives also appear as characters in the life of the loser Takeshi.

Their paths cross and then some transference starts occurring: the loser Takeshi has dreams where he becomes the characters that the movie star takeshi plays (most of which are gun-totting yakuza who shoot in slow motion...) It was really hard to come up with a coherent plot summary because the movie is so incoherent... there are extended sequences that make no sense at all and you'll spend a lot of time scratching your head and trying to figure out what the hell is going on... I've watched most of Takeshi's movies and I still had a lot of trouble getting all the allusions to his previous works...something that I think will have a big impact on whether you like this film or not.

Those tap dancing guys from 'Zatoichi' appear in this on too... and just like in that movie there seems to be a lot of tap dancing for little or no reason in here... except in this film its not just a few short scenes... its like an entire musical number at the end of the film, etc. (don't ask me why).

This one was just too far out there for me to recommend. If you want a Takeshi Kitano movie that non-sensically jumps around a lot, I suggest the much more Etchy :-P

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i think it also depends if you like his famous movies like Hanabi and Sonatine... i didn't like them very much.
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