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Shanghai 5: A run for the Border unlike any other!

After the 2nd night of partying in shanghai, I slept about 5 hours before waking up. My flight was at 4:20pm, so I didn't need to get to the airport until 3 or so.... which gave me just enough time to check out and enjoy a good lunch. And luckily I had spotted somewhere special i wanted to eat down the street:

No, not the Hot Pot place, and not the Pizza Hut, I'm talking about the place on the ground floor, the Taco Bell Grande! Yes, Taco Bell has made its way to China! ( click for website) - I had heard about a location in Shenzhen (turns out they just opened a 2nd), but never got a chance to visit it. So I was happy to find out there was one in shanghai now, just a block away from our hotel.

As you can probably tell, this is no fast food, they've turned Taco Bell into a real sit down restaurant. (just like Pizza Huts in China are considered rather upscale, they've gone a step further and done it w/ Taco Bell too).

I got a Pepsi float and the chicken quesadilla. It was pretty decent. (i'm always craving good tex-mex out here in Asia...)

Anyway as you can tell from the pictures, they're going for some contrived mexican atmosphere inside and outside... particularly humorous were the hats they made the staff wear:

I dunno, I've been to mexico two or three times and I don't remember anyone wearing any big multi-colored sombreros inside their restaurants...

Anyway, it was an interesting experience. I didn't have too much time to enjoy it, as i had a plane to catch, so I'm going to have to go to their SZ location next time I'm over there to try more of their menu.

Oh and when you're leaving the staff by the door all say with a thick chinese accent...

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