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Pics catch-up

I've got a few minutes before i head down to TST and i thought i'd try to get some more old pics out of the way before the onslaught of new ones comes. here's some from the last two or three weeks that slipped through the cracks:

On tuesday before my mom left we went down to wanchai to get my china renewed and took the ferry to TST. the sky wasn't really that red, its augmented by the sunset filter on my camera... but still not a bad shot.

Two from the SZ trip two weekends ago:

Yet more China public excreation by children... this time the mom held the kid up over the trash can so he could take a piss into it (despite the fact that there were public bathrooms nearby). unfortunately there was some splashing, in this picture she is wiping down her pant leg... :-(

If you're going to go for the low-rider jeans to show off your underwear with the oversized brand name on it... Make sure they get the name spelled right!

These two are taken in HK... on the left some strange English on some office supplies on sale at my campus (i think its from japan though, which explains something...)

on the right: Chinese style super market.

A few more of those bizarre new years displays in the nearby malls... too bad they're all gone now. :-(

Another supermarket picture:

You can make your own caption... basically you have Porky over there serving up one of his cousin's delicious severed legs... What a species traitor!

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