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Peking Duck in TST

Tuesday night I went down to the AnD office to meet up with the rest of the guys,  SBD invited us all out to dinner.  We taxied it over to TST, to the Spring Deer Restaurant:

Which was packed.  It was a really old school restaurant too,  looks like it hadn't been renovated in any way since the late 60s.

We started off with a variety of dishes,  including this dish which is probably best described as 'giant bowl of roast pork'.

After a few more dishes they wheeled a cart up to our table and carved up a duck (or two) right on the spot for us:

This place specializes in Northern Chinese cuisine and its famous in HK for its Peking Duck.

Here's a better shot of our spread. 

The duck was a bit heavy on the oil (but it always is) but quite tasty,   I'm not sure if its better than i've had in Beijing,  but it was up there.

Thanks to SBD!

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MM: make sure someone takes you. its busy though, you need to make reservations if you go during peak hours.
about 17 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Yes .. it was quite yummers. But I still think I like the duck in beijing better....
about 17 years ago
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the time i had it in beijing the bread was different, it wasn't a tortilla type deal, it was more like a gordita... :-P
about 17 years ago


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