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Sunshine (2007)


| Entry | I went down to Shatin after work to watch the new movie with the somewhat lame title of ' '.

I think it won't come out in the US until May, but its out in England and HK already....

The basic premise is that our Sun decides to start going out prematurely someday in the future and the human race needs to try and reignite it with a special fusion bomb, which they have to deliver in person... Seven crew members are on a mission to save the solar system! Can they make it all the way to the sun w/o dying and/or killing each other?

Amongst the crew the most recognizable is Michelle Yeoh, who plays some sort of botanist in charge of the hydroponics lab that regenerates their oxygen... But unfortunately most of the characters are pretty one dimensional and never have their backgrounds, purposes or motivations elucidated...

A lot of the movie unfortunately feels lifted from other sci-fi movies... Specifically there's , and ... that's not a bad thing per se, but like the lack of character development, the plot points just seem contrived out of thin air and don't stand up to much consideration... (astronauts generally plan things pretty well before they do them, there are procedures for almost everything: so when a movie requires them to not do that, it means its not a good scrīpt...)

On the good end of the scale - the special effects were pretty decent:

Lots of things spontaneously being melted by the sun's intense rays of course. :-P

I'll give it a 5/10. It kept me interested for most of the way, only the last 20 minutes or so become groan-worthy. Worth seeing for Sci Fi types.

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