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Japanese Baseball

Between my trip last week to japan and the fact that the cable in my HK apartment finally gets Japanese TV signals consistantly for the first time ever, i have been catching up on my japanese baseball coverage... but ironically most everything is about japanese baseball in the US!

I turned on HK ESPN to find them showing the Mariners vs the Yankees game from last friday... it was a japanese pitcher, a japanese hitter or two and a japanese outfielder! (Igawa, Ichiro/Johjima and Matsue, respectively). Unfortunately for Igawa, he's not doing as well as Daisuke or Okajima in Boston...

interesting stuff... i wonder if the japanese managers are resentful that their best talent is going to the US? Probably not considering the teams get a big fat check from the US teams to sign away their players. :-P

Classic Ichiro picture by Drake from the Mariners Game we went to last year...

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
this is a problem with european basketball ... all the good ones end up playing in the us...
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Photo 23168
it's crazy too how you watch baseball games with teams who have japanese players, and you see ads for japanese companies in the background..it must be huge in Asia!
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i think the trick is that they know those clips are the ones that will be appearing 100 times on Japanese News and Sports shows so its all about focused marketing... you get a lot of bang for your buck. (although they do broadcast the entire games on TV too)
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