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Ice Cucumber Pepsi

I was going to upload some pictures I took downtown tonight, but one thing led to another and its time for bed...

so instead i'll do a quick blog about something my friend sent me:

Introducing a new product from Pepsi Japan:

Yes, this is a real producthttp://www.suntory.co.jp/news/2007/9803.html

It was just released yesterday in stores,  I will try to find some when i am in Japan this weekend. :-P

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reminds me of the whole "cream of mushroom on rice" at mcdonald's thing we have in hong kong...
about 17 years ago
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the japanese are very inventive...
about 17 years ago
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ha, that's good, you're lowering my expectations, so i'll probably be pleasantly surprised. I like cucumbers and I like cola... :-P (ice in my cola is not so great, but i guess this isn't a problem w/ this drink).
about 17 years ago


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