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How to do route maps in Gmaps-pedometer...

To answer Mariana's request, I typed up a brief tutorial on how to use gmap-pedometer to do route maps (using Google's Maps). Gmap-Pedometer is apparently designed for runners to make maps of their runs.  I use it for biking, it also works for any sort of travel - driving, flying, whatever).  The key point is that it shows the distance of whatever path you draw on the map!

Its relatively simple to use,  just go to gmap-pedometer.com and a few clicks and you're set:

(click to enlarge). 

  1. Click 'Start Recording'
  2. Start clicking on the map to start drawing the routemap. you need to DOUBLE CLICK to add a new point on the route.   You can click 'undo last point' if you make a mistake.

  3. When you've reached the destination stop.

  4. Click on 'Save route'on the left.

Your screen will look something like this:

(click to enlarge). 

After you save it will say 'Saved, URL for this route is:

http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=XXXXX' It will also show the total distance of the course you just made (in miles or km).

In my case that map is:


You can copy this URL and send it to your friends to share the route.  If you want to add to the route you can just keep clicking and then resave it to get a new URL.

Google maps has recently also added a 'My Maps' feature to http://maps.google.com/ that is somewhat similar, but also more general.  You can basically mark-up a google map with any of a variety of marker symbols and you can attach a website (basically a blog entry) to each mark.  you can also draw lines and shapes onto the map. 

I have only played around with this a little so far.  If I have time i want to try and transfer some of my photo blogs (or maybe my castle pictures) to this format to test the different uses of it.  stay tuned!

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there are a surprising amount of people who run up here in the NT. (like both hard core and not hard core). Wilson used to come up here on weekends just to run. they separate out the bike and walking paths from the roads, so its generally clean(ish) air...
about 17 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
I use the pedometer thing for my morning walks. It's a nice way to know how far I went since it's not like we have a measured track here in K-Town.
about 17 years ago
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re - the heat: i'm not so worried about the heat so much as the sunburn risk... this time i was smart and wore my 'climacool' adidas mesh shirt (which does nothing to keep me from sweating profusely in this humidity of course), I also remembered to bring my sweatbands so i could wipe my brow as I ride. Getting sweat in my eyes is actually the worst part about a long ride here....
about 17 years ago
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yeah, i left her some comments before. i haven't had a chance to really explore it that much, but i already have formed some ideas and opinions (and gripes) about it already.
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