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HKLive - June 2nd - Audio Traffic + Josie Ho

Saturday night the fellows and I headed down to LKF to see the june edition of 'HK Live!'  at the Fringe Club ( click for flyer) .  Here are my pics and some video from the show:

We arrived during the first band's set,  'J.O.Y.':

The 2nd band was 'Kissing on the Dance Floor':

Around 11 or so Audiotraffic went on stage:

As they were the headliners they were much better than the other bands... but i may be biased...

After doing a cover of the Police, they invited Josie Ho on stage and did a song too:

Quite a good turnout,  it was actually a bit too crowded to see very well.  They need a bigger venue. :-P

I've compiled some of clips into one video and put it on Youtube. Take a look:

Bonus Pic:Here's a pic we took in the back during the earlier sets:

Bob, Jto, Pat and Narom.

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