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HKDR Fashion Show

Thursday night a few of us went to the Hong Kong Dog Rescue Charity Fundraiser event that Rosemary V helped organize.  It was in a sushi restaurant in Times Square.  I took a bunch of pictures of the event's highlight - a super-model studed fashion show (right down the middle of the restaurant!)

Take a look:

Welcome! This was the sign board all the celebs posed in front of for the press on their way in.

Here's the lady of the hour, Rosemary.

It was free drinks and sushi.  In this case it included these mini champagne bottles, served w/ straws:

Moet & Chandon via straw.

AnD featured artist Ryan Hui was behind me in line to get in.  He put some pics up on his most recent blog.  Check them out!

Terence did some interviews on camera too.

Pat and Min hamming it up.

After about an hour the fashion show started.  It was basically a bunch of Rosemary's friends (aka the top models in HK) showing off a few different lines of clothing:

Everyone's favorite, Lisa S!

  I am no fashion guru,  but this one w/ the suspenders was my least favorite. :-P

blatant plug for the website...

  Actually it was quite hard to take good pictures in here,  because the ceiling was low they put the bright lighting low too, so it was hard to get a decent shot w/o a super bright spotlight in the background washing out everything in the foreground.  Also the area was narrow and crowded so I was right up next to the runway,  very little time to stop and frame a good picture (i got a LOT of unusable shots!)  and of course lots of fuzzy blurred ones like these...

  Ana R and Rosemary

More Ana R...

At the end they did a group walkout and pose-down.  Since all the models apparently had a lot of friends in the crowd, Lisa breaks her composure and pumps the fists a bit. :-P

of course you know i made a video compilation!

Video: Hong Kong Dog Rescue Charity Fashion Show - 5/31/07

I also have a higher quality downloadable version:

Fashion Show Video  (6mb - DIVX codec required!)

My friend A-chan came with us and wanted me to snap a picture of her w/ Rosemary, who was kind enough to oblige despite being super busy:

One of the sponsors who donated auction and raffle gifts was a yoga gym, so they did a demonstration after the fashion show... personally I prefer super-models,  but then again:

Watching a guy bend himself into disturbing pretzel was interesting too...

ok, that one isn't so hard... i can probably do that..

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i guess someone figured out chugging champagne directly from the bottle looked less elegant than drinking it w/ a straw. ;-)
about 17 years ago
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i'm sure rosemary will do something again, check her profile often. ;-)
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