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Himeji-Okayama 2: Taiko!

A brief follow-up to yesterday's entry with pictures of Himeji Castle.

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend they were having some big festival all weekend. Even though it was in the 95 degree range, they were doing a Taiko drumming show on a stage outside the main gate.

Most were kids groups and they seemed to switch after only about 3 minutes each, but it was pretty interesting. I don't think I've seen a real live taiko performance the whole time i've been here, so it was pretty cool for me.

after sweating our asses off during the ~1.5+ hours touring the castle grounds, y0-chan and I retired to a shady spot and enjoyed some ice cream while partaking in some taiko... Here's a short video montage:

Taiko at Himeiji (2.8mb - DIVX)

ok, that's it for Himeji... next it was off to nearby Okayama... stay tuned.

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