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Fanling to M0S

I just got home a few minutes ago and took a shower.  After work I went to the station and took the train up to Fanling (thats two stops short of the border with China (Shenzhen).  My bike was waiting for me there and ready for a good healthy 12 mile (20km) ride home.

Last Saturday I rode from my house to Taipo station and left my bike there over night,  on Sunday I rode to Fanling (figuring out how to get there was the hardest part, i went down a lot of wrong roads!)    My legs were too sore to do the ride last night, so I waited til today. 

By the time I got to Fanling last sunday it was dark, so I didn't get to enjoy the view,  this time it was only about 6:30 by the time I got up there, so I had enough daylight to enjoy the more scenic parts:

This is crossing the KCR tracks near Tai Wo Village looking South towards Taipo.

By the time I got to Taipo it was getting dark, but thats ok, because from there on its pretty safe, separate bicycle only paths all the way back to my house.  Its actually better to go at night in some ways... no sunburn and its much, much cooler.

Took me a total of 1 hour and 25 minutes to finish.  That includes getting slightly lost a few times.  I can probably do it in about an hour if i try hard. (maybe I'll wait til the summer's over first though). ;-)

I did the whole route at gmap-pedometer.com.  Click here to see the interactive route map, or look at my screen cap with helpful text:

i think my thighs are going to be pretty sore tomorrow. :-P

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i need to do more. i am still feeling thick in the middle.
about 17 years ago
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1500 feet!? 40 miles!?! ah, i don't know if i can take that! in this case most of it is pretty flat along the water's edge, the worst i have to deal with is when i go to my office, the last 1/2 mile or so is straight up the side of a mountain, but maybe only like 400-500 feet up.
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