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Etchy's small screen debut...

I found this video on Youtube, its a nice recap of the 2nd night of Paul Wong's Let's Fight Live:

the interesting part comes at around the 2:10 mark (~1:10 left on the video).  If you look in the background during the interview, you'll see Etchy(wearing shorts and black shirt), rottendoubt (wearing obscene t-shirt) and Elo370(wearing red shirt).  Score!

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
haha, all u see is elo's big red back...
about 13 years ago
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i'm trying to remember what we were talking about... whatever it was i was obviously very excited, waving my hands about so emphatically...
about 13 years ago
Photo 23906
You forget... Renegade!
about 13 years ago
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how could i forget RENEGADE! i should have said 'hk TV debut'
about 13 years ago
Photo 23001
yeah man. next time where ever i sit i will face forward. or wear a red shirt with ELO printed on the back. HA
about 13 years ago
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ELO shirts: could be the start of a fashion trend...
about 13 years ago


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