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Etchy meets the All-female Scooter Gang!

I just got back home, its been a long day... I was at the Regal Beagle until about 3:30. I was riding my bicycle down the street, as usual there are a lot of people walking and driving around at these hours, including lots of customized cars and bikes, etc. Nothing suprising...

But I did a double take when I saw three fancy pants customized scooters... bit of a different flavor from normal:

Louis Vitton!?! Hey wait, those are girls! Its an All-Girl Scooter Gang! Truly a rare sight to see!

I stopped and asked if it was ok to take a pic and started talking w/ the girls, they were pretty cool, the one on the red scooter w/ Jamaican flag colored LEDs, Sat0ko, is majoring in english so we chatted for quite a while about bikes and scooters in japan vs the US.

SUGOI! video clip (2.8mb)

It turns out one of them had run out of gas so they were pulled over waiting for some help from another member of the group (overall I think I met 5 of them). I told them they should just push the bike to the gas station (as I usually did when I ran out of gas all those times...) But seeing as how these scooters are a lot harder to push (and more expensive) than any motorcycle I've ever owned... they didn't want to take my advice.

I got a chance to check out how their lights are hooked up. Each bike had a bunch of switches with those flip-up covers (like the 'missle fire' button on a jet fighter joystick). Makes the home-made switchbox I put under my seat look like amateur hour.... but then again I did it myself for a few bucks and they paid someone a lot of money to do theirs. :-P

Anyway, I gave my card to Sat0ko, she wants to practice english, maybe we can go for a ride when I get back from my trip...

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That's craziness!!!!!!
almost 14 years ago
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i never ended up seeing them again. so sad! :-(
almost 14 years ago


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