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Aggravating Day

writing this on the bus on my way back home from CWB.  I just went to see 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer' to cap off a somewhat hectic and stressful day (see this entry for review of the film).

I finally rode my bike home from work this evening... As it has every day these last few weeks, it rained earlier in the day but it was drying out so I thought I could make it home w/o worrying about rain... I was quite wrong, not only did it decide to rain,  but it decided to rain very heavily.

By the time I got home I was soaked the bone and every square inch of my clothes and backpack were wet.  I went home and changed and got ready to head down to Sheung Wan and magically it had now decided to completely stop raining again.  doh :-(

So I went to the bus terminal near my house to wait for the bus downtown, I was planning on going down to the AnD offices to get some work done.  The bus is supposed to be every 15-20 minutes and it seems like I had just missed one, so I got some McD and waited... and waited, and waited.  Its one of those annoying situations where if you knew the bus wasn't coming you could have taken another bus slower bus route,  but because you assume the good bus is coming soon, you pass up on the alternates.  10 minutes later another slow bus comes but you think 'well, its been another 10 minutes, the better bus DEFINITELY should be here any minute...'

It got to the point where the guy next to me in the queue started cursing at bus drivers of other buses who came to drop off people...  finally I gave up and took the KCR train after wasting about 40 minutes waiting for the bus that never came.

So I didn't get to the office until about 9:15pm, but by then everyone had gone to dinner.  so I couldn't even do any work! adding injury to insult! crap!

But as every cloud has a silver lining,  I decided to try and salvage my evening...  Fantastic Four opened today, so I figured I'd go see it in CWB.

Last Sunday they showed the first film on Stars cable channel,  and it suprisingly held up pretty well to a second viewing (I think you can be more forgiving the 2nd time around).

After the movie ended Stars' super awesome upcoming movie promo show (featuring Mr. Terence Yin) did a preview of the new Fantastic Four movie.

[the best part of it was the fact that they made Terence say the entire movie title 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer' every 5 seconds]

The show did its job: it made me want to watch the movie! (see review)  I was able to catch a 10pm show at the windsor house theater and still make the last bus home. (where I can finish up some of the work i wanted to do at the office and start packing for my flight tomorrow).

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yeah it was a perfect storm of annoying delays...
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