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Ultra Sound, Haircuts, Fireworks, Gigs, Food etc..

I went along for another ultra sound scan with my wife and she is now 8 months so not too long to go. Just hope everything goes well. The baby is so big now that during ultra sound, you can only see body parts like a leg or an arm... this pic you can just see the head and his fist. Its a boy. Recently took my 5 yr old to get a hair cut. He like the mushroom cut look, all he asked for was "straight across in front"... cute. This was his second hair cut every outside of our home....During the national day, our friend invited us out on a boat and we had a great seafood meal in Sai Kung and then headed out to Causeway Bay area to watch the fire works. It was crazy out in the water. As soon as the fireworks stop, all the boats turn around and hit full speed heading back to their either aberdeen or sai kung. You don't want to be a small boat when  that happens. Jan Lamb's concert was fun especially cause I got to play guitar on stage instead of pushing buttons. I am certainly not a very good DJ but at least I can play some instruments...24Herbs with the Pope and below with Jesus... er... I had to go to my son's school and play games with the whole class. I was pretty nervous, much more nervous then I was before playing guitar in front of 10,000 people. I guess I was nervous that I didn't want to embarrass my kid in front of his 5 yr old school friends.. So I told myself, hey, its only kids ! Anyhow, I played "name that tune" with them.... although I was tempted to play some 24Herbs, I decided to dig up the theme music from Ben 10, Scooby Doo, Sesame St, Mickey House Play House, Elmo, Wiggles and a bunch of others. I am happy to report they loved it... The whole class came and gave me hi 5 after so my son was proud of daddy. phew...After we did Sammi's song, we performed at the Moov gig which I think has already aired. We also had to shoot her MV which most of the boys had already talked about on their blogs so I'll be brief. It was quite a cliche MV with us standing on rocks and waves breaking around us. Actually I didn't have to do anything at all other than stand around.... It should look quite nice as the director is quite a famous MV director from Taiwan called Kong Sing. For a friend's birthday we recently went to Caprice at Four Seasons for dinner. I'd been luckenough to have been there a few times and it is certainly one of my favorites. The food and service is top notch. I skipped dessert and had the cheese board. The first pic here is a fruit salad and next to that was a veg salad. Probably the best looking salads I'd ever seen. BTW, we'll be on NOW TV 100 Cooking Ma Ma this coming saturday night and also will be performing at Beijing Club for City Of Nites event. 

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wow, thats like 50 different major life events rolled into one blog!
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