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Mac Tuna

Currently in Queensland Australia for a holiday so I decided to do a little fishing. I had to get up at 5am but it was worthwhile even just for watching the sun rise from the sea. We only fished for about 5 hours but it was fun. Had not been back to Oz for a while and forgot how strong the sun was even in winter. 2 hours and I was fried. We did a little fishing for live bait which was really helpful coz most of the big ones only take live bait. I got a few small Jacks and nice Mack Tuna. Its tempting to do a little sashimi but small tuna is actually really fishy and I can tell you the last thing you wanna do on a boat is eat fish raw especially after you gut and clean them. Believe me, I've taken the soya sauce and wasabi and tried and its not quite a nice as it sounds. Doesn't Mac Tuna sounds like a Apple product... 530amMack Tuna, not sure what it weighted but it was damn heavy.... I think around 10kg. This was a very nice fish but it was too small to keep...

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wow ... nice !!!
almost 15 years ago
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have an extra serving for me!
almost 15 years ago
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wow.........very nice
almost 15 years ago


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