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House for sale !

Here are some pictures from a raid of a Colombian drug dealer my friend sent me. Its crazy. I was thinking this would make a great property advert.  A lovely home for the drug lord in you... if you move metric tonnes of dope, this place is for you...Comes with security guards and an lovely indoor pool, just like swimming in the mouth of Satan himself...If you got the bucks, we got the storage... enough doe storage to buy out a medium size government, or run your private air force. Security means guns and this lovely house comes with all gold hardware, AK47, Colts, Uzi, all your favorite weapons of choice. You like Pets ?? We do too. What better way to dispose of your enemies and feed these lovely endangered animals at the same time.  A petting zoo for your enemies....If you are bored of the usual master bedroom, we have a specially made bed of money, its a massive extra large king size money bed. Swim in your own success !! 

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this is unbelievable
about 14 years ago
And the US always complains about China holding too much US Treasuries...
about 14 years ago


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