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Do I exist?

haha... I'm attempting to be something more than my shallow self. haha ...

so Jays R US, how do we know we really exist? Most of us just know.

but my question is, if we didn't exist at all, does it matter?

I'll reserve my answer for now

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There's no proof anyone exists. I might feel that I exist but there's no proof of that either.
over 13 years ago
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d. y. how do i do the flips like u do ur flips? haha.
over 13 years ago
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Flagday - it's just hard to grasp why i feel something telling me to do so much if it's all for nothing. but your perspective is valid. JRS - that's good cuz i enjoy my shallowness too :P. hm... so smelliness mos def exists :P haha. i do enjoy the fabric we've become :D aisha - likewise you guys have brought tremendous things to my heart that i couldn't do without. thank you lil pookie. NINJA hug?! ssounds painful! justin: thank you emo brotha lol kelly: it's real to us because of belief. :D thank you yans: hahaha ..uh... not really know what you mean lol blue: does your lunch really exist tho? :P hahahaha joanne: can i have some of what you are smoking? :P hahahah j/k that is very valid :D edmond: my flips aren't real, u just see them. hahahah j/k
over 13 years ago
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pammy - haha yeah i know... and i have a feeling he loves you too :P lol j/k of course he does. jane: word. i shall eat something healthy tonight :P thanks jane
over 13 years ago
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yuh huh :P
over 13 years ago


"One day I will die SO today I will eat." –D.Y.

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