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humble beginnings

We, the people of CBFRESH, have created a new televsion program in which we will premiere at an event that you will never forget! Vague? Yes. Intriguing? You bet your butts.

This is how we met.

I was only supposed to stay in Hong Kong for 3 weeks. Now, I've been here for three months with a bunch of new best friends and a tv pilot underneath my belt.

We all met at a networking event called SPEAK UPbrought to us by AlivenotDead.

I met ROB LOK first.

Name: Rob Lok

Occupation: Circus Star

Strengths: Super Flexible

Weaknesses: Scotch, neat

Tidbit: I only met him because Kate Sullivan announced he was a circus clown. I perform with circus clowns in LA. And wouldn't you know it, we knew the SAME circus clowns. YO MO GAU CUO?


Name: Vince Matthew Chung

Occupation: Reality Star

Strengths: His killer smile

Weaknesses: His killer smile

Tidbit: I knew he and I were destined together when I went to go get my planner and he went to go get his planner, and when we pulled them out, they were both the same red moleskine planner. Destiny! Also, watch him on THE AMAZING RACE 3, currently on AXN.

And how could I forget DERRICK FONG?

Name: Derrick Fong

Occupation: Cinematographer extraordinaire

Strengths: Technology

Weaknesses: Time and the lack thereof

Tidbit: THIS guy was sitting at a table with a really hot lady. He gives me his card, tells me, "I'm a cinematographer." Slaps me a high five. Goes back to talking to aforementioned hot lady. ICHIBAN!

However, ultimately, it was this man that brought me to the party. CHUNG TSANG.

Name: Chung Tsang

Occupation: Banker by day, filmmaker by night

Strengths: Incredible insight and phenomenal bank account balance

Weaknesses: None

Tidbit: I first met Chung in NYC. He moved here about 2 months before I arrived. He pretty much showed me the ropes...and by ropes, I mean the velvet ropes into RACKS.

The one, the only SPENCER DOUGLASS.

Name: Spencer Douglass

Occupation: Network GOD

Strengths: Gift of Gab

Weaknesses: the dance floor

Tidbit: Ever heard of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, in Hong Kong, it's the 2 degrees of Spencer Douglass. If HK was a prison, then SD would be the one you go to for illegal knives to kill your cellmate with.

These ladies bring a little class and style to the group. It's P-B FLY!

Name: Peapops and B

Occupation: Looking good

Strengths: Knows how to get it done

Weaknesses: Distracts the team with their voluptuous vibes

Tidbit: The first time I met them, I sang them some N'SYNC. They have been a part of the crew ever since (works EVERY time)!

And well, last but not least, there's me. SIMON YIN.

Name: Simon Yin

Occupation: Vagabond

Strengths: Amazing physique

Weaknesses: Thoughts, among other things, tend to wander

Tidbit: I'll leave that up to you to find out!

Want to see the show now? Good. RSVP for our launch party here.

CBFRESH is here. Are you FRESH?

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