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HKIFF: Opening Gala

Simon and Chung were on location to give you guys an insiders' sneek peak at the Hong Kong International Film Festival Opening Gala.

It was the World Premiere of Derek Yee's film THE SHINJUKU INCIDENT, starring Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu. Also, Ann Hui's film, NIGHT and FOG, was premiering, as well.


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Recently, Simon and Derrick teamed up with the one, the only, JUN KUNG and the boys at REVOLUTION Talent manangement to create a new video supporting Earth Hour!

So, for one hour, on March 28th, at 8:30pm...please join CB FRESH and the rest of the world, by turning your lights off!

See you in the dark!

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The Golden Wok Cooks vs. Far East Movement

Location: The Golden Wok in Causeway Bay

We were all busy hanging out and enjoying a tasty dish of beef and broccoli with rice when we heard a familiar beat thumping in the back kitchen.

Our curiosity besting us, we went to explore what that hip tune was. After a brief meeting with a beheaded roasted duck and stepping in a puddle of congealing pig's blood, we met the star cooks of this hole in the wall.

And lo and behold, they were kickin' it to Far East Movement's Girls on the D...Read more

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WALL STREET FIGHTER 4?!?! Where do I get a copy??

[Calling all video game geeks and nerds!

Do you remember the first time you slipped in that quarter?

The first time you shot that fireball? The joy of the uppercut?


It's coming...](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nlpsvq0k4MI)

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Return to the Scene of the Crime

YO Freshmakers!

Here are the series of spots that we did for FOX CRIME!

First up, Vince taking out the trash!

Then, Simon beating his meat.

And finally, all three boys getting schooled.


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Man, when it rains it pours...

Recently, the boys (and one girl) of CB FRESH were selected to appear in RAY BAN's popular advertising campaign. Check it out.

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the C in CB stands for CRIME!

Put your money in the bag, and no one gets hurt!

The boys at CB FRESH got a fun chance to shoot three separate promos for FOX CRIME! They play shows like NYPD Blue, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, and CSI: Hong Kong starring us!!!! (well, maybe that last one was wishful thinking, but why not???)

And although we cannot divulge the actual details, I can give you a couple of sneak peeks!

First things first...MAKE UP!!!

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backstage GOD play

As FRESHLY promised from our previous blog (see below), here are some shots of the making of the G.O.D video display.

This was a lot of fun since before the actual shoot, we were given the opportunity to visit the G.O.D store in Causeway Bay and pick out two to three diffe...Read more

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FRESH play with GOD

2008 was fantastic for CB FRESH and we wholeheartedly commend alivenotdead and E.V.E.N.T.S for making us as FRESH as we are! Again CB FRESH wou...Read more

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school's out...

wow... We like to say we're FRESHbut after that AMAZINGAWESOMEAICHEE WA WAof an alivenotdead New Year's Eve School Graduation Party....the next day?ugh...not so FRESH2009 is going to be fantastic.See you all in the funny pages

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