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Another goal achieved!!

This is one thing that I have always wanted to do ...... a motorcycle trip in the US ! 

fly to L.A

spent a night at an airport hotel, get ready for the big trip!

DAY 1: Got the rental bike: a beautiful Kawasaki Voyager 1700

going east, ride through the desert

Oh ..... I miss IN-N-OUT's double-double burger!

spent a night at Laughlin, it's a small casino town in Nevada,very close to Arizona and California; and this room cost me 25 bucks ...... and it smells like 25 bucks

DAY 2: get ready to go!

going on the historical route 66

a lovely town called Oatman

spent a few hours on I-40, all the way to Flagstaff, AZ

and this room cost me 35 bucks, still smells like 25 bucks ......

DAY 3:

spent most of the day at Grand Canyon!

Highway AZ-64


stopped at Kayenta; it's a very small town,really there's not much there,even worse...it's in indian reservation so there's no alcohol

DAY 4:

get on US-163,entering Utah

after riding almost an hour on US-163, I got stopped by a road block caused by a traffic accident ahead .......,now I have to go all the way back to where I started and take US-160

rode through a thunderstorm

entering Utah again on US-160

UT-95, what a great road to ride!

Colorado river

highway UT-24

spent the night at this lovely motel called Boulder View in Torrey,UT

dinner: chicken caesar wrap, a bottle of local beer called Traders ...and this amazing boulder view!

DAY 5: get on highway UT-12

long and winding road ...

stopped by a gas station near Escalante for fuel, turned out the bike got some tiny mechanical issue ...

it's in the middle of nowhere,there's no cellphone reception,thanks to the gas station owner! He called a bikerwho owns a bike shop1/2 mile away, and he came with his truck and drag me to his bike shop ... it's called The Desert Doctor ... interesting place! And he is a very nice old hippie!

it's in the middle of nowhere but looks like he has served bikers from all around the world!

it took a few hours,finally done!

back to UT-12 ..... Bryce Canyon!

UT-12 --> US-89 --> UT-20 --> I-15, all the way to Hurricane; stayed at this motel for the night

DAY 6: on the way to Zion National Park

Zion National Park

some roads in the park were under construction,so I couldn't ride the bike through ...

spent a few hours on I-15, straight to Las Vegas ..... It was unbearable hot!!

DAY 7:

I was planning on going through Death Valley,but the temperature was just way too high! I felt I was going to pass out on I-15! I had to take off my shirt, wet it, and put it on again..., but it only last 3 min then it's all dried 

So I decided not to take the chance,I wouldn't be able to get to L.A by sunset if I went to Death Valley anyway,so I stayed on I-15 and straight to Los Angeles

Santa Monica beach

Santa Monica Pier

back to the airport hotel where I started ~

7 days 6 nights, 3,043 km! DAY 8: returning the bike in the morning, fly out at noon~

It has been a beautiful trip and an unforgettable experience, and I'm very happy that I did it! It feels like another goal achieved!

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How was traveling alone ?
almost 14 years ago
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wow, great shot!
almost 14 years ago
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wow, you lucked out!
almost 14 years ago
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amazing trip! when I was biking in the US the longest trip I ever did was to San Jose from SF... but then my bikes weren't this big.... (then again I did do a 300km trip in Japan before... on a 250cc... with a passenger!) :-P
almost 14 years ago


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