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i think god is talking to me.

  i had a sleep paraylsis episode. my gps system got me lost, and then died on me. my car is having problems. my yahoo maps directions got me lost, seriously. i think i pissed off the gallery owner. i slammed my thumb in the car door.

i think this is gods way of saying i cant reproduce. bc if i cant take care of myself, i cant take care of another living thing.

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we play pretend.

we were never "friends" or "acquaintences." we went straight to lovers. he caught my heart when we were dancing....and when he left,  i remember his imperfect teeth. it made me smile. usually, i would consider him a resounding, NO. but as the sun rose that morning, dancing to jazz in the middle of the street, i found his mouth on mine. i like the way he plants his lips on my body. he kisses me as if he cared. i dont want to say that it was refreshing, but, i dont want to be used... discarded... forgotten. i dont want to j...Read more

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[ 2008 - 2009.. so far. ]


next big shows_2009

(1.) Alpha Cult, Long Beach, CA.

January 2009.

(2.) The Hive Gallery and Studios,

Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

(3.) Pueblo Nuevo Art Space

Berkeley, CA

like it or not plinio, im’a commmiin!!!

I will also be working closely with Jones Edition, so you will see me at SEMA! (International Car Show, the biggest one we hold in the states! Featured in the City of Sin, VEGAS!!) ...Read more

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3 sketchy guys + 3 hours on a boat = ?

i flew up for my dad's bday party this weekend. talk about "pinky up" .. it was a yacht party with ... thirty.. fifty.. of his closest friends. our family is so cute, we looked like a colorful box of crayons. anyways... so im stuck on this goddamn boat with three sketchy dudes.

 (1.) sketchy random camera guy.        ... the husband of a friend's friend, couldnt stop taking pictures of me and my sisters. he was very constant and blatant about it, and it made all of us uncomfortable. there was n...Read more

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damn recession .

i had an internship with disney childrens place… i was my boss’ first intern, ever. i was also the only female illustrator in the graphic arts department, and the only person under the age of 25. pretty crazy. it was the best job i have ever had. i worked with the most talented and generous people. but towards the end of my internship, there was a town hall announcement that there would be a hiring freeze. it was t-minus three weeks before my internship was over, and all nine interns were looking at .. no job. my boss admitted, “i wanted to ...Read more

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[ Urban Vintage Fashion Show_5.17.08 ]

May 17th, 2008

Urban Vintage Fashion Show

533 Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA


if you swing by, you will see my biggest painting, pestering thoughts. Photobucket

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[ under the radar_5.23.08 ]

May 23rd, 2008

The Grind Gallery presents “Under the Radar” Show

12222 Venice Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90066


Artist’s Reception

Friday, MAY 23, 2008

7:00 - 11:00pm


Admission is free

(1.) “intoxication” drawing

...Read more
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... this is how I got here.

My younger sister is a film maker. This past weekend, she was being featured at the Director's Guild of America here in Los Angeles. I played wingman most of the time, accomadating her to network parties, film screenings, seeking out John Cho, etc.  After her music video was premiered, the family and I attended the social afterwards. I was caught staring at this guy's trucker hat.. which in reality, he caught me staring at...him.  I forced him into a random conversation and scribbled my info on the back of the bartender...Read more

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[ upcoming shows_launching: 5.23.08]

Check me out in the end of May! I will be in a group show at The Grind Gallery, located in Venice, CA. Totally stoked! My work is about stockholm syndrome..Scroll down and find me in the May section: http://www.thegrindgallery.com/shows.html ..... I'll see ya there!   Read more

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[ current exhibitions_5.5.08 ]

I am currently being shown in two galleries: (1) The Hive Gallery and studios: 729 Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90014. This is the "May 2008 Group Show" .. Check out their website at http://www.thehivegallery.com/ ... I submitted one piece called "Rockin 80s" ... I am also at (2) Alpha Cult Gallery: 408 East First Street, Suite 102 Long Beach, CA 90802....This is the "FIxed 100" Show...I sold three out of four pieces i submitted. The las...Read more

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female + gemini + hippie artist = 3 types of crazy = you lose. like an asian version of frida kahlo minus the old balls cheating husband .

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