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[ toybox . ]

we are all little dolls

with cigarette burns

where our hearts use to be.

time shapes us violently

with impatient hands

strewn across the floor.

the brave ones get up.

we are little, green soldiers

dragging our bodies

in and out of the war zone

our feet bound together

our thumbs on the trigger

and the burden on our backs

we are little play things

we move.

we mold.

we love.

we break.

sometimes we are pic...Read more

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[ perplexed . ]

perplexed .

wading in a shallow pool of confusion

that rises shy above my ankles

like little wheels in my head

struck violently and

cleaned with

the crumbs of an eraser

....dont think about

even though i

i just cant

but i

well i have nothing to lose

no that's crazy .

its still ringing

i snapped my cellphone closed


"entry deleted."

i think i need to lay down.

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[ the hive gallery_07.05.08 ]

the hive gallery and studios

729 spring street

los angeles ca 90014

july show featuring artists from around the world

july 5th - 26th


$8 at the door


check it!

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[ catalyst + define real ] _07.04.08

blogged again!

[ http://definereal.wordpress.com/ ]

the catalyst warehouse show looked great! hella in the cuts, but freakin awesome!

thanks for those who came out, and thanks for jay and define real!!


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[ catalyst summer: fashion and fine art ] _07.04.08

i’m going to be in another art/fashion event on friday, july 4th. should be dope, its in a warehouse and the p lace is freakin huge, and theres roof top party space.

CATALYST – artist collective

2079 e 15th St unit 330 LA 90021 CA

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blackface breakfast

nothing says “good morning” like a cup of racist tea.

or, a friendly racist bus advertisement.

viva espana!

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life is good.

im in the middle of freelance projects, gallery work, and traveling. im currently working with an overseas client, they are reviewing my work. im also freelancing for a clothing company, and i have potential people to work with for apparel design. i might be doing some pictures for a company's clothing website. i have two solo shows and a featured spot for next year. i have already seen london and all over spain, and i will be heading to new york and hawai'i. im extremely happy. 

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i came back from spain a couple weeks ago. it was a crazy trip, we visited london on the way, then to the canary islands, malaga, cordoba…all over spain. friggin awesome

paella, the real thing baby.

paella, the real thing, baby.

hanging, drippy meats. also the real thing, baby.

muslim influence.

...Read more
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definite pink hearts

I’ve been blogged!

how cool is that?! hehe!

thanks for the love jay!


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things are looking up... im currently in spain with my family, and even though it has been a very very rocky trip, im very happy. im rich. i have everything i can possibly ask for.. well... a steady nine to five would be awesome, and the whole self sufficiency and losing ten pounds but.. im great. oh and everything ive eaten in spain is fried. hella boo boo.. oh! and i may work for a very, very potentially big client. ill tell u how it goes!!!


these are my homies

Ññ¿Ç笪º€  !

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female + gemini + hippie artist = 3 types of crazy = you lose. like an asian version of frida kahlo minus the old balls cheating husband .

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