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No matter what color of your skin No matter what country  are you from No matter what language are you speaking

We are all pouring the same color of blood We are all having a warm and bumping heart

We are living in the same entire village

Disaster makes people help altogether makes people come together makes people love each other

We are the world

PERHAPS--- Wan yi dou ( a Chinese famous poet )   Perhaps you are really exhaust Perhaps perhaps you want to fall asleep I may ask heron do not cough frogs stop calling and bats don't fly

Ask the sun not to bother your eyes breeze not to brush on your eyebrows No one can make you wake I ask mountains to bless you sleep

Maybe you can hear those earthworms digging Listening  the grass roots absorbing water Perhaps you listen that kind of music better than the curse of the human voice

So please close your eyelid tightly  I let you sleep, I will let you sleep I will cover you by the soil tenderly I call the blessing paper fly slowly


無論你的皮膚是什麼顏色 無論你是來自哪一個國家 無論你說著什麼樣的語言

我們都流著同一顏色的血 我們都是有一顆熾熱的心


災難 使人們互相幫助 使人們攜手合作 使人們愛在一起


也許你真是哭得太累 也許,也許你要睡一睡 那麼 叫蒼鷺不要咳嗽 蛙不要號,蝙蝠不要飛

不許陽光撥你的眼簾 不許清風刷上你的眉 無論誰都不能驚醒你 我吩咐山靈庇護你睡

也許你聽這蚯蚓翻泥 聽那細草的根鬚吸水 也許你聽這般的音樂 比那咒罵的人聲更美;

那麼你先把眼皮閉緊 我就讓你睡,我讓你睡 我把黃土輕輕蓋著你 我叫紙錢兒緩緩的飛 ********


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All the birds have flown up and gone; A lonely cloud floats leisurely by. We never tire of looking at each other - Only the mountain and I. ----------------------------------------------- The birds have vanished down the sky. Now the last cloud drains away. We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains. Li Bai
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
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thanks for sharing these wonderful and true poems with us...
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thank you all of you for supporting my little blog
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Your blog was a wonderful way to support our brothers and sisters
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