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BLOG: 2月21日

I fear you are overestimating my perseverance

Or you are only appreciating on my unharmable personality

I hate myself I am just too sophisticated

can not make tears come out from my eyes easily

Have you ever imagined that showing the beautiful smile and pretend nothing

is much harder than drinking a glass of ice water in the freezing winter


I really want to be a fragile crystal

enjoy the safest protection delivery to the destination

But Now

I know I understand I am merely a backup person

I could only sleep beside you without an identity

I could only think about you stealthily

I want to tell you

I would love you till the end of the day

no matter if I could get the permission

under any kind of circumstances

I know I would never have chance to exist

in the world of you and your yours

This is the way I choose

Let me decide my happiness please


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