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About Yin Chen

Yin Chen is a television host for China Central Television International, the English channel of CCTV. She started hosting the channel's travel show, "Travelogue" in 2005 and currently presents "Culture Express."

Yin was born in Beijing, but grew up in Long Island, NY. Thus, she is a native speaker of English and Chinese. She studied Economics and International Relations at Cornell University in New York. Although her educational background was not related to communications or television, she was always an aspiring television person at heart, performing and hosting events in her free time.

Always fascinated with China and its culture, Yin decided to head to Beijing upon graduation from University. Through the Princeton in Asia Fellowship, she taught at the China Foreign Affairs University. It was soon after that her passion for television and love for China got the best of her, and she joined the CCTV team. She's been happy since...

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Languages Spoken english, mandarin
Location Beijing, China
Gender female
English Name Yin Chen
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Languages Spoken
english, mandarin
Location (City, Country)
Beijing, China
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December 10, 2008