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接受美国“功夫”杂志采访 Interview with《Inside Kungfu》Magazine in The US

今年五月在美国接受了“功夫杂志”的采访...半年过去了,这期杂志终于出来了,自己也收到了一份。很开心...谢谢 Emilio哥哥帮我写的稿子,也感谢远在美国粉丝们的支持!我会继续努力的...O(∩_∩)O哈哈~同时也希望能够不断的带给大家更多惊喜!!!

Did the interview with "Inside Kungfu" in may when i was in the US . 6 months later the magazine has finally released in the States... im very happy to receive the mail from Emilio. thank you so much !!!

also wanna say thanks to all the fans in the US. thank you all for ur kindess support as always !!! i will keep my way up ... looking forward to see u all again soon !!!

谢谢你 THANK YOU Emilio !!!




感谢伯克莱大学的邀请,谢谢 老师

There is another mail i got from the US . is the certificate from CMAT!

THANK YOU... Sifu Fang!!!

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Wonderful article in Inside Kung-fu. You are in good company. Congratulations. Mark just told us about your role in Jet Li's new movie! Congratulations on that too.
over 10 years ago
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It looks official! lol. Nice work.
over 10 years ago
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好书法! 嘿嘿。。。kidding. Happy to help u little brother ;)
over 10 years ago
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Super coool!!
over 10 years ago
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