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I still remember my first inspiration, it was Sunday morning and I was left for childcare in my uncle’s apartment, I was petting his cat in the balcony, her furs were soft and smooth, I enjoyed company with her, when sunlight just gently warm up the balcony. My uncle walked into the balcony with a sketchbook and a few pencils, he told me to pick up a pencil and try to draw thing that I saw from the balcony, the papers were thick and rough, but I picked a pencil. Then he started to teach me draw stuff from the view of balcony, cars, buildings, light poles, and plants. It wasn’t straightforward to draw thing like his, but it had got me into drawing seriously, and I just love the moments when I was trying to get the shapes or lines right. From that day I started to draw everything that interests me with my childhood.

After finish my Form 2 studies in Hong Kong, I moved to Melbourne for further studies. I was living with a western family, and it wasn’t hard to pick up their food, culture and hobbies. I was easily influence by grunge music played in the next door. For so many nights of begging, I was blessed to own my first drum kit from my parents. I was obsessed with drums and my neighborhoods were kind enough to live it without a nag. I always enjoy the harmony with other instruments, and I just love to gather people to play as one. During my high school period I was either spending most of my time playing music or drawing with my sketchbook.

Throughout the end of high school, I got introduce by digital music, and it had opened my vision of mixing, editing, sequencing, and most importantly it had leaded me to video and motion graphics. I just love the process of making storyboard, style frames, and turn it into a motion pieces. It’s natural for me to share ideas, perspectives and develop with individuals or in a group. After graduated from Animation and Interactive media RMIT University Melbourne in 2006. I took a fulltime role as motion designer in a cinema and broadcast production company in Melbourne. During my spare time I still often pick up a pencil with recycle paper or drumsticks for exposing my thoughts and emotions inner me.

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