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Macau Global Classic International Invitational u175cm - what a blast! Im proud that I have given it my all, and everything was done to the best of my ability! If the judges think it's worth a fourth place amongst 18 contestants I'm happy, knowing that I couldn't have done anything better! This is my third show in, and I can visibly see my physique change for the better each time, and that's the most important! Was considering the Mr. Olympia Asia championships in October but having given it my all and getting less than stellar results I may rethink m...Read more

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Everyone has a better side to display on stage, from the two photos which side do you guys like more? It's finally 5 days out! It's taken 3 comps till I'm finally content with my posing. Extremely grateful for the tips and posing coaching by @themuscularnerd

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More focussed than ever on overall growth to become a better person Photo credit @joemarylhy For personal training services in HK direct message me

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TRAIN HARD | It's not easy, but I promise it will be worth it!

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Lazy man's meal prep ideas requiring maximum of 20 minutes meal prep time only

Macro nutrient values: 600kcal~ P85g/C10g/F26g

Ingredients: 400g~ Chicken breast, 300g fresh raw Kale, 2 fresh Roma tomatoes diced, 20g Pine nuts, 1tbsp extra virgin olive oil Recipe: Steam 400g chicken breast, set timer for 20 minutes. In the meantime, rinse the kale, finely dice the tomatoes into small cubes, lightly roast pine nuts on a low heat, toss with 1 tbsp of olive oil and season with garlic salt and pepper. Once timer is done slice chicken breast into small f...Read more

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The iron doesn't lie, you get exactly what you put in. Rarely in life when hard work is fairly compensated, sometimes you come out empty handed after all the hard work you put in. Most of the time it comes down to to luck, by being at the right place at the right time. That's why weight lifting is different for me, it is consistent result according to how much work I put in. Stay strong people!

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Sometimes I dread those tough workouts, but today I welcome you with open arms ?

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Put your head down, stick to the fundamentals, focus on yourself and do the work! Gym @onept.hk Top @biink_official

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When I feel most Alive.. To inspire others while doing what I love most and have a positive impact on those around me

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Everything is a learning experience, it's a matter of not making the same mistakes again and finding the optimal way that works for you. There are things that I will change completely or fine tune in the next off season and show so that everything is just right! Really looking forward and this is just the beginning. This is quite special and serves as a good comparison because it's the same pose/same photographer/same angles @asiagrapher_mkay

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