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Tour Not-so-Daily Blog

My perception of Time as a result of the tour has been seriously warped.

Today is Monday. Barely four days ago, I wrapped up my first official tour. 6 performances in 6 days. The intensity of it all drained so much out of me that it feels like months ago it all happened.

We definitely did it up big. Rollin' from schools to hotels to gas stations, I had a crew totaling 9 people. The Vudoo Entourage consisted of 6 laid-back soul musicians, 2 fun-loving korean road assistants, and 1 shoe-junkie tour manager. It was a ...Read more

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Tour, Day 3!

It's hard to keep a daily blog with everything going so crazy!!!

What I've learned from experience is that you gotta leave room for error. Lots and Lots of room if possible. The buffer time we had planned out scheduling things definitely came to good use. Rain, rain, rain just made getting from one place to the next a lot more drawn out.

"You know it's funny Vu, we ain't seen rain here in months. All of a sudden it's pouring."

"Haha, just in time for my tour."

"Yeah, h...Read more

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Truth & Tour: Day 1

Seeing as how I have to be awake by 6am, it doesn't really make much a difference if I get 3 or 2.5 hours of sleep. This'll be short, slightly disgruntled, but REALLY RELIEVED!

Bittersweetness... Let's hit the bitter first haha.


I got more exercise today running errands & carrying equipment than I've gotten in months. All the while, I'm glued to my cell phone talking to all the various organizers and tech people. The mile-long to-do checklist included:

*Mailing out last-minu...Read more

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