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Vudoo Soul does not look or sound like anything the music industry would traditionally label a "soul man". However, driven by an unwavering desire to break that mold, the MIT-graduate-turned-R&B singer is quickly emerging as one of the freshest faces and styles in music today. Despite his unlikely circumstances and a lack of any prior knowledge of music, he quickly became self-taught as a pianist and songwriter, developing a keen resourcefulness and relentless optimism in his hustle as music's underdog. Displaying an explosive stage presence and a booming voice of soul that betrays his appearance, Vudoo Soul has infamously garnered a "you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it" reputation. Grand-prize winner of last year's NY Kollaboration, Grand-prize winner of California's Asian Elevation 2006 and champion of multiple Underground Hip-Hop/R&B Competitions in New York, he continues to work and travel constantly to bring an inspiring and heart-felt voice to audiences across the nation.

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