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I like to talk with her on gchat...

It's an inexhaustible joy, watching her use of emoticons.

My favorite childhood soy sauce seasoning, imported from Switzerland...

She sneakily packed two in my suitcase.

Late at night, she'll sneak a kiss while I'm asleep...

A blessing to my dreams that are steadily awakening.

In my reckless, playful moods, no one gives me a harder time...

But the instant she knows that times are hard, she's soft as feather.

Her smile is gentle, yet...Read more

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DALLAS, TEXAS! on 5/17.

Hey there peoplez!

I am a big fan of Texas. It's crawfish season right now, isn't it?? I love coming out there to be with you wonderful Southern folks and eat your wonderful food hahaha

For those of you who are in the DALLAS, TEXAS area... I have a show with Kristine Sa on May 17th at the X Club! I'm flying down with a few band members and we'll be doing several sets throughout the night. Spread the word, yeah? Let me know if you're down to come through, I'll be there all night to mingle and par...Read more

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My blog has been launched

Hello everyone!

This is my new profile in the world of Alivenotdead, my name's Vu. You can call me by my nickname 'Vudoo' too, if you want.  I'm an MIT student-turned-R&B singer, and I've been traveling all over the place the past couple years, sharing my music and stories with many wonderful people along the way. I want to share with you cool people here, too. Come back to my page again for future updates and music, it's gonna be fun!

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Skills for an International Spy

Man. This is so impressive.

I wonder how long it took her to get good at that.

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Happy Hungry Heart Day!

May you fill yours with love, chocolates, and/or other various expensive stuff.


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The Turning Point.

All the momentum of the world can't help you if you're on the wrong side of the hill.

But you're never wrong until you know it.

So with a slight adjustment...

The right adjustment...

I'm about to roll, baby.

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Mmm... Food

I've been basking in the (relatively) warmer weather of California and binging on home-cooking from my mama. Usually, my mission is my music, with friends & fam time as my leisure. When I'm home in Cali, the tables are turned. Averaging 4-5 times a day, fooding with my loved ones has been my mission.

A montage of the many foods that have been devoured by the Vudoo monster:

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Vudoo Vs. Everything that Goes Wrong

[if you're reading this from facebook, click on "view original post", so you can more easily read this! it's awesome!]

Tonight, my brother laughed at my battle with the forces of nature and airport systems this past weekend, in my effort to reach Madison, WI for my final show of 2007 through horrendous snowstorms. 

Nammy: ukno how they have that sayingNammy: "choose the path with the least resistance"

Nammy: you are the antithesis of that

I'll take that as ...Read more

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Two More.

How quickly the year is coming to a close! Besides stuffing myself to my heart's content, Thanksgiving is also nice because it means Christmas is right around the corner. I can't believe I haven't seen my mama in a year. It'll be wonderful to return to her love, kisses & cooking.

Two more shows left. It's been a very difficult, but essential year in my development as an artist and as a person.

More on this later... I need to really reflect on it.

This Wednesday in NYC marks my return to The Blackberr...Read more

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Friday yo!

I don't usually advertise for other shows but I just thought it cool that this upcoming Friday, we've got all sorts of Asian American musicians performing in both Boston & New York. All of them friends of mine whose art and work I respect & support!

New YorkDynasty VI Poster

BostonRead more

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