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  • everything tastes good when it's deep fried...

    Check it out...my next project!

    www.cbfresh.com .... HAHAHA... !!!! VMC


  • my doggie

    Saturday, Jul 19, 2008 9:31PM / Standard Album / Members only
    8 pictures / 1878 views

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  • Tyson
    posted on Saturday, Apr 4, 2009 4:10AM [Report]
    Awesome! He looks pretty happy.
  • junichikajioka
    Official artist 
    posted on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009 6:05PM [Report]
    あららー、いたのー!"Here you are!"
  • junichikajioka
    Official artist 
    posted on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009 6:04PM [Report]
    You have a lovely pair of shoes!
  • estercsl
    posted on Monday, Nov 10, 2008 1:16PM [Report]
    Hi Vince, you should look at mine. I love dogs.
  • evanws
    posted on Wednesday, Sep 10, 2008 7:10PM [Report]
    This dog looks very high-handed, perhaps it does not, i imagine the terrible
  • JustKelly
    posted on Monday, Aug 18, 2008 1:44PM [Report]
    Dog boots?  How adorable!   Does he wear them often?


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