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Episode 1

We live another week...our mugs still get screen time and HK does not come in last at the first pit stop breaking the tradition haha... lots of people asked what happened with us ,,,


Well we couldn't get a taxi to Khao San Road...  I think it was rush hour and all the ones we saw had fares already... and we didn't know which direction to go.  So we got a Tuk Tuk which took a really long route...argh!

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The Amazing Race Asia 3 Preview in Singapore

WOW ,,, They sure know how to throw a party in Singapore!  AXN and Caltexthrew an "Amazing" preview event with special guests and all.  Singaporean teams Sharon and Melody from Season 1 and reigning champs Adrian and Collin from Season 2 were present as well as  MR. TARA himself Alan Wu.  Teams from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong all got together for the first time since the filming and we all had a blast watching the show.  Of course they didn't show the last bit so everybody will have to tune i...Read more

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was this the best name they could choose...??

Hong Kongers and Canto speakers would probably not buy from this store...


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um what the...

We were filming in the Central Wet Market in Hong Kong when.....I saw this on a store sign..... ummm what are they selling...?????


Who designed their "thumbs up" ICON anyway ??  The hand is has three fingers a la Simpsons!

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Preview Party in Hong Kong

Woah ... a whirlwind of a day ... go go go with interviews and the preview party at SOLAS.  Thanks to all the people who came out to support.  We hope that we can represent Hong Kong well.  Please tune into AXN on September 11 for the first episode.  GA YOW! GA YOW!  (ADD OIL ADD OIL) HAHABelinda... you are the biggest cheater!!! HAHA!  How many "dan tats" did you eat huh?

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chocolate mint... on the rocks!

Hey y'all the Baileys event at Hong Kong Park's L16 was awesome...It was all the Baileys that you wanted along with great music and atmosphere  ... hey, I was well behaved and only had a few.  Personally, I like the mint chocolate the best![](/attachments/2008/09/79123_200809082158341.thumb.jpg)


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Bubbly Bubbly and More Bubbly

Hey Y'all,

Went over to Macau for the DFS Galleria opening party!  What a blast... very cool concepts and displays and of course...excellent food and drinks.  Forgot to bring my camera so had to use my phone...damn.

I'll have one .. or more...thanks.

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It's not a green screen

Pick up the August 27- September 9 2008 TimeOut Hong Kong.  It's the Anime issue with the cover artwork by famed artist Yoshitaka Amano. 

Yes ... we had to jump a million times off of the fence that protects people from falling into Victoria Harbour at the Avenue of Stars in TST to get a good shot.  Security came over and was encourging us to "finish up quickly".... It...Read more

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Free Underwear !!!

Hey Y'all... pick up this month's ( Sept. 08 ) HIMmagazine in Hong Kong with Simon Yam on the cover. 

My buddy Sam and I have a little write up in the Living Big section where we discuss some of our experiences while representing Hong Kong in The Amazing Race Asia 3. 

Make your way to....... ___________ 

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grow up...stop playing with your food

  I don't usually go to big 12 course Chinese banquets and that's probably because I keep playing with my food and never get invited back again...

I wanted the cheek ,,, just the cheek...

wait a minute....

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everything tastes good when it's deep fried... Check it out...my next project! www.cbfresh.com .... HAHAHA... !!!! VMC

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