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Slow Q&A 2009: The What Is That? Edition, pt. 2

I really like the clothes you wear at your performances and photo shoots, and was wondering what designers and stores you shop at. For example, I love the dress you’re wearing in this video and the outfits in this photo shoot.

-danseuseWhy thanks. Cleaning up nice has been an acquired skill for me, so that means a lot! After seven years of being in front of people and having lots of pictures/video taken of me, I think I finally enjoy shopping…My 2008 New Year’s resolution was to buy only used, sustainably made, and/or independently designed stuff to wear. It’s not always cheap *, but I’m trying to put my money where my values are — especially since my consumption is, well, a bit conspicuous.Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop: everything is handmade, you can search by keywords, most things are entirely affordable, and often you can get clothing tailored to your measurements. The flower hairpins I wear onstage are by Katinka Pinka on Etsy.The dresses in the Inland Territory photo shoot are:Sweetheart dress in black/moss, Thieves by Sonja den Elzen (hemp/organic cotton)

Kali dress in cream, EcoChic by Meadow (bamboo/organic cotton)

Lily dress in majolica blue, EcoSkin (bamboo)The belt on the Kali dress is handmade by Traceybelt on Etsy.Some other favorite eco-friendly labels:Stewart & Brown Undesigned Lav & Kush Loomstate Good SocietyFavorite independent but not (yet) eco-friendly designers:

Trashy Diva Vfish Butter by Nadia (I spent all afternoon with a mechanical engineer friend playing with this dress when I got it. I think we managed to make pants out of it at one point.)Being a good Chinese kid, I tend to wait until things are on sale before pouncing.As for dress in the Gravity video, I actually don’t know where it came from. Stylist Stacey Rayburn pulled it from somewhere in L.A. and sent it north, along with some safety pins in case it didn’t quite fit (it didn’t), and the black gloves (which she made by hand). I’d always wanted an excuse to wear crinoline…* except for the time I rummaged around in Amber Rubarth’s going-to-Goodwill pile. Jackpot! Amber can be my big sister any day.

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