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March 11, 2008...I laid my head down and said to God... "Lord...I'm ready to start my walk with you...Father God...I've been doing things my way all my life. Even when you came and showed me Your love for me. Still....I went my own way. Did my own thing. Lord I tried to stay close to you, but couldn't. Temptations of the flesh, (the world) kept taking me farther and farther away from You. At the end of that tunnel, I realized I went after everything I wanted...and turned away from everything You wanted to give me...I go...Read more

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What does Love mean to you?|愛對你意味著什麼?|爱对你意味着什么?|あなたにとって愛とは?

To truly Love someone, no matter how big...or how  tiny...... you have to truly trust them in Gods hands...not yours...for God is the only ONE who can save them...if that means having to let that person go...then....let them go.....God's timing is crucial.....and it is at those times when we show our faith to Him...lift up that person to Him, surrender ourselves to Him....have blind faith that no matter what happens...GOD IS GOOD, Even if that means your heart has been broken because of this...d...Read more

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Straight off the press...from Animax!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sorAI743cWY

I've been a major anime fan since I was a kid. I stayed home all summer renting VHS tapes from Tower Records. Today...I'm doing the voice over for LaMB. A new animation coming out March 24th....do i have to say it again people....GOD IS GOOOOOOD!!!! He knows all our deepest desires in our hearts. The good and the bad...and when we are faithful,...Read more

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When you finally have everything you've ever wanted in the world....where are you going to put those "things" when you're dead?

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf5WYigZHMI like the "things" money can't buy....

Do you believe....

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOyho2XTnI4&...Read more

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Met a girl 4 foot 4, dark skin red dress from Singapore|遇見一位四尺四寸高、穿着殷紅裙的深膚色新加坡少女|遇见一位四尺四寸高、穿着殷红裙的深肤色新加坡少女|130cm、色黒、赤い服着たシンガポー

I'm in Singapore promoting for K.F.C. it was back to back to back to back...but overall very fun and exciting to be back in Singapore...last time i was here was NYE 07-08 recording with Tye Lee.....back to now....

Why do I love Singapore...the women

so at the end of the promotions today, ended it with a performance at the club Dragonfly with my boys Dove aka Terry Lee, ...Read more

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Love, Faith, Live.|愛、信念、生活|爱、信念、生活|愛、信仰、生活

After having dabbled in a few ventures with friends…from clothing to shoe store, night club to record company, movie productions to talent angency…now finally comes something that I’ve always loved doing but never really had the chance of getting real hands on, until now. Jewelry.

I’ve always been drawing/designing but now thank God I finally met the right people to help put the visuals in my head into solid form. God is good people~ Believe dat! If you asked me why I didn’t come out with this line years ago...Read more

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                    |           "DON'T LET THE WORLD STEAL YOUR FEELINGS...LOVE, FAITH, LIVE."

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The Cost Of Living.|生命所需代價|生命所需代价

THE COST OF LIVING- Jason Valloton

The cost of living is high; it is not for the weak or the faint at heart. Anyone can survive but not everyone can truly live. Living requires courage; it will take all the tenacity that you can muster.  Take a walk down the path of life and along the way you will find many surprises. Men are shaped by the heavy storms that adversity brings, if you are smart, you will prepare ahead of time. The high road is never the easy road; it will grind you down to the bone and reveal the weakne...Read more

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If you're in the Taiwan region...Has all the latest jewelry from all over globe.

Wait...what's to come.....


                                                        |           如果你身在台灣的話...這是有全世界最新潮的首飾。

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K.F.C. trailer|K.F.C 預告片|K.F.C 预告片|K.F.C.予告編

Last May I was in China shooting a movie with my good ol' Uncle Sam....Uncle Sammo Hung that is~! It definitely had it's up's and downs, but over all a good experience none the less. The best part about it...I was able to produce the whole OST with my fellow Feahthers~! Dove (Terry Tye Lee), Vic Lau, Mago (Skot Suyama), Falcon (Gaby Lee), and Chris Wiebe. It's been a journey for sure. The trailer is out, seems better than the last movie i did. Well I know this much....the music this time for sure d...Read more

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Taipei, Taiwan
August 24, 2007