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let it begin....|就這麽開始吧…|就这么开始吧…|始めるか・・・・・

I'm sitting on my couch right now with Vic Lau in front of me, and Terry Tye Lee to the left~ and we are discussing about what to do with.............hehehe.................yes...it's coming......... hmm...............what songs should "you" learn to sing-a-long to~???.......

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Day Dreamer Information|新書《夢遊》|新书《梦游》


Author: Van Ness Wu


Date of publication:  2008. 08. 12

Language: Traditional Chinese

ISBN: 9789578037045


The first book by Van Ness Wu!Opening you up for the path Van Ness has walked thru and his secrets!Stars including Big S, Ken Chu, Nicky Lee, Jerry Yan, Vivian Hsu, Elva ...Read more

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Day Dreamer|夢遊|梦游|夢・遊

When I was a child, I talked as a child, walked as a child, spanked as a child, but when I grew up...I put away my childish things...oh wait a minute...no I didn't...I'm sorry I still have it in my back pocket...yes i have a very big pocket~!

As a young buck, all the adults would tell me to stop day dreaming and focus on my school work...that day dreaming wouldn't amount to anything. But to me day dreaming is still dreaming...and if you have dreams continue to dream...

Dream about rum raisin ice cream village...Read more

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30'z the new twenty~|30歲是新的二十歲~|30岁是新的二十岁|30代は新しい居場所~

another day...another dollar...another year...maybe a scholar, with a white collar, gettin God's dollar, stickin it in a olla~ holla~!

I really wasn't planning on making it this big...it pretty much just organasized by itself. I really want to thank everyone that came out and partied liked a RockStar with the RockStar hahaha...i'm such an egotistical self centered son of a byotch!!! just kidding...tee hee, you know I love you mommy~!

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time to fly~|到時間起飛~|到时间起飞~|さあ飛ぶよ~

time for mi familia~ Cali Groovin~GOD IS AWESONICE~


要飛往我熟悉的地方~ Cali Groovin~上帝真好~

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I've always been a big fan of K-1, the first time I was introduced to it was through Mr. Daniel Lee. This was when I was shooting Star Runner. I thought the idea of being able to mix any type of stand up martial arts in a tournament is a phenomenal idea. Thank you to Morning Chao, and Lynny lynn~ for hookin me up with this opportunity, and the super duper seats! Yo 30 tickets no questions asked...nuff said....GOD is FANSPANKINTABULOUS~~~~!!!! Read more

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Lucky Me/Listen 2 Your Heart|Lucky Me/Listen 2 Your Heart|Lucky Me/Listen 2 Your Heart|Lucky Me/Listen 2 Your Heart

First off, just wanted say thank you for all the LOVE ya'll been showin me. I really didn't expect this...but seriously thank you. I pray that the Lord bless all of you with the same happiness that ya'll give me. I'm gettin all mushy and sh*t....anyway, "Keep Pissin Positivity People~!"

So here are the remaining 2 videos that hasn't been out yet, but the songs are on the new album. Hope you like'em...if...Read more

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If it's not one thing it's another...|麻煩不斷… |麻烦不断…|次から次へと・・・・・

I'm at the airport lounge right now waiting for the flight which has been delayed...I pick up the newspaper and what do I see...

"Van Ness Wu gets baptized, and view women as pieces of meat...."

I love when my words get twisted around for all the public to read. Well I guess there's only one thing left for me to say after this very truthful and insightful interview..."Ladies next time you see me...bring honey with you, I like B.L.T.'s with honey....Read more

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Still...Pissing Positivity...|仍舊…積極面對…|仍旧…积极面对…|さらに・・超前向きで・・・

I've recently came to the conclusion that boss man at big rec company in Taiwan didn't even spend any budget for airing the videos that we spent such a great deal of  time and energy shooting. BOOOO~

I ain't bitchin or nothing, just stating the facts.  And I'm sure all the fans out there would also like to know why da f*ck couldn't they find the video anywhere else except for here...Read more

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Fading Into You|為你沈淪|为你沉沦|あなたの中へ

Jimmy and I both slept only 2 hours and we had to shoot 2 videos in one day. On top of that the budget they gave me, made me giggle...in a bad way. Honestly the only thing I think kept me going besides the red bullz and all the vitamins momz shoves me, was just praying. Prayin to God asking him to please help me get through the next shot.. And wouldn't you know it, we eazy breezy the entire day, everything went real smooth, like the gums on old people with no teethe possess.

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Taipei, Taiwan
August 24, 2007