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Lucky Me/Listen 2 Your Heart|Lucky Me/Listen 2 Your Heart|Lucky Me/Listen 2 Your Heart|Lucky Me/Listen 2 Your Heart

First off, just wanted say thank you for all the LOVE ya'll been showin me. I really didn't expect this...but seriously thank you. I pray that the Lord bless all of you with the same happiness that ya'll give me. I'm gettin all mushy and sh*t....anyway, "Keep Pissin Positivity People~!"

So here are the remaining 2 videos that hasn't been out yet, but the songs are on the new album. Hope you like'em...if...Read more

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If it's not one thing it's another...|麻煩不斷… |麻烦不断…|次から次へと・・・・・

I'm at the airport lounge right now waiting for the flight which has been delayed...I pick up the newspaper and what do I see...

"Van Ness Wu gets baptized, and view women as pieces of meat...."

I love when my words get twisted around for all the public to read. Well I guess there's only one thing left for me to say after this very truthful and insightful interview..."Ladies next time you see me...bring honey with you, I like B.L.T.'s with honey....Read more

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Still...Pissing Positivity...|仍舊…積極面對…|仍旧…积极面对…|さらに・・超前向きで・・・

I've recently came to the conclusion that boss man at big rec company in Taiwan didn't even spend any budget for airing the videos that we spent such a great deal of  time and energy shooting. BOOOO~

I ain't bitchin or nothing, just stating the facts.  And I'm sure all the fans out there would also like to know why da f*ck couldn't they find the video anywhere else except for here...Read more

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Fading Into You|為你沈淪|为你沉沦|あなたの中へ

Jimmy and I both slept only 2 hours and we had to shoot 2 videos in one day. On top of that the budget they gave me, made me giggle...in a bad way. Honestly the only thing I think kept me going besides the red bullz and all the vitamins momz shoves me, was just praying. Prayin to God asking him to please help me get through the next shot.. And wouldn't you know it, we eazy breezy the entire day, everything went real smooth, like the gums on old people with no teethe possess.

Video: Read more

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No use crying over spilled milk...or beer in this case...|打翻牛奶或啤酒,哭也沒用…|打翻牛奶或啤酒,哭也沒用…|覆水盆にかえらず...この場合はビール...

Oh Phil Oh Phil, how you annoy me still, but if we never met, my life would not be fulfilled.

That sounds so corny, so cheezy yes I know, but who cares do you? Do I? Why?

Becuz people would think that you and I are...Oh~.


wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more

test limits of imaginations core.

talk talk talk such a bore, leave it to me to delay no more.

Thousand apologize fo...Read more

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Independence Day...|獨立日… |独立日…|独立記念日

The album is dropping this Friday, also at the same time performing at Hit FM radio show. July 4th independence day...how appropriate. After this album drops I'm free from the shackles of Taiwan's record company, contract up, knuckle up, for they don't give a shit about the art of music, love for music. In the words of Homer....Woo Hoo~! So if you're in Taiwan, come out and come party with me and Mr. Tye Lee cause we'z gonna make you smile for awhile, and take you to a place where you won't want to...Read more

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H.K.S.A. Episode 3~! | 在香港的探險經歷,第三集~! | 在香港的探险经历,第三集~!|H.K.S.A. Episode 3~!

Evening starts with conversations that nourishes,  flourish my soul from wisdom of old.

Squad filled Dragons, Run Star Run, action! The Dragons Resurrect.

Kingdom of Three, but not right now, no ill will just an honest mistake....

For the only three that I did see, were the flavors so sweet on these three cakes.

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Andventures in Hong Kong Sing-a-Long~! Episode 2 | 在香港的探險經歷~! 第二集 | 在香港的探险经历~! 第二集|Andventures in Hong Kong Sing-a-Long~! Episode 2

one d'full day.

Work hard, play hard, that's the AVP motto, like winning the lotto, only no money.

You get all the happiness, without the taint. So after i work hard, and try as I may to live like a saint. Temptations paint.

Play hard on my back, lust attacks, pride kicks in, let the sinning begin.

Creeping, crawling, around and around they drift.

Leaving a stain so swift it nest...Read more

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Adventures in Hong Kong Sing-a-long~! Episode 1. | 在香港的探險經歷~! 第一集 | 在香港的探险经历~! 第一集| Adventures in Hong Kong Sing-a-long~! Episode 1.

Wandering around aimlessly in the black and white streets of Hong Kong.

Have 2 guides, but neither of them know where to go.

So I follow along, sing life's new song, and observe.....

For these 2 chums of mine, comedy like fine wine, my legs they start to swerve.

Now on to the feet!

They move to the beat, in search for something colorful to eat~


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Taipei, Taiwan
August 24, 2007