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Sexual Revolution, The Naked Truth About Moral Purity |性愛革命,有關道德純潔的赤裸真相 |性爱革命,有关道德纯洁的赤裸真相 |Sex革命、道徳的純潔についてのありのままの真実

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Unexpected Good Day…continued…|想不到的好日子。。。續集。。。|想不到的好日子。。。续集。。。| 予想外にいい日が・・・続く・・・

So during that great day at the WE People Charity dinner, I actually bid on a few items an won:)


Bed Sheets: $150,000NT

Chrome Hearts bag: $62,000NT

Smile on the faces of Make A Wish Foundation employees: Priceless Read more

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Pat Lee & Wolverine came over to chill~|Pat Lee和狼人一起過來輕鬆了~|Pat Lee和狼人一起过来轻鬆了~|Pat Lee & Wolverine

It’s been a crazy weekend…one I’m happy to say is finally over. I woke up this afternoon at 4PM, didn’t finish shooting the music video for my 2nd Japan single till 7AM, literally 24 hour shoot. (but that’s a story for another day, all I can say is GreenScreen) So Pat Lee came to Taiwan with Chris Kong from Garage Works to take a small vaca from the busy streets of HK. Great seeing them in TW. When Pat told me he was stopping through I told him he should...Read more

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Freestylin with God~|與上帝Freestylin (演自由式)~|与上帝Freestylin (演自由式)~|Freestylin with God~

This was the performance from I did for CHC in June...it was really fun to just let loose. Didn't really plan anything, just went with it. FreeStylin wit the HOLY SPIRIT


This was the second song...I'm so honored to have Edward perf...Read more

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Back to the Studio~~!|回到錄音室~~!|回到录音室~~!|Back to the Studio~~!

Just finished all 3 songs for my second Japanese EP!, God is Good!





We practically live in the studio!

<...Read more
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He was magic on stage…One of the biggest influences in my life. The reason for many of why they started to sing, dance, perform. I woke up to text messages on my phone, all with the same subject. Michael is dead…it didn’t really hit me at first, but as the day wore on so did the reality of it all. I didn’t know how to react, my feelings for the man started to shift as the media, and the world started to turn on him. I found myself at certain moments would join in on the laughters of the jokes. It’s very sad of how the Kosm...Read more

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Unexpected good day~|意料之外的好日子~|意料之外的好日子~|思いがけなくいい日~

Woke up this morning not really knowing what to expect…all I knew was that Jimmy was gonna go train with a football player (soccer) from Japan. Haven’t hit the mitts in awhile, so thought why not. Get a good workout before the Make A Wish Foundation charity event tonight. Turns out the man from Japan is none other then Nakata Hidetoshi. Retired from football at age 29. He played in FIFA world cup, and Olympics. Homeboy was also made a Knight at the Star of Italian Solidarity one of Italy’s highest honor. On...Read more

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Roaming around in Faith~|在信念裡漫游|在信念裡漫游|信仰行脚~

On the 31st of May I went to Singapore to attend a conference at COOS (Church Of Our Saviour) about how to hear God more clearly. The speaker was Kris Valloton. This man is my hero. His way of living for God is amazing, and I pray I am able to do one day. His testimonies brought tears to my eyes. I was only able to attend the first week, for I had to go HK to work on some new music with Kelvin, and then attend event for my lil sister Alisa~ she released her first album I'm so proud of her. Then only stayed for...Read more

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Went to NIKE i.D. today in Taipei. Was invited by Tinaca from Nike TW, the store was pretty chill~ nice spot to relax. They offered the venue to me to throw a party there whenever. Party anyone? Went there and custom’d a AirMax 90 Premium. I love colors…


36 Lane187 Sec 1. DunHua S. Rd Taipei Check it out when y’all in town…then afterwards turn left when you exit, first right, walk 124 steps a...Read more

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3 songs in 3 days, plus party gifts…God is oh so good~|三天三首歌﹐還有派對禮物。。。上帝實在太棒了~|三天三首歌﹐还有派对礼物。。。上帝实在太棒了~| 3日で3曲、・・差し入れつき・・神様オー

img_1294I just got back from HK after Singapore. Feels good to be home, but can’t get too comfy, in less than 2 days i’m right back on a plane back to Singapore for the weekend for more performances. This time in HK though was strictly…work? But didn’t feel like it, because i loved every part of it. Even ...Read more

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Taipei, Taiwan
August 24, 2007