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Van Ness Wu Gift Pack|吳建豪禮盒|吴建豪礼盒|ヴァネス ウー ギフトパック

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I don’t wanna lose you…|我不想失去你…|我不想失去你…|I don’t wanna lose you…

The 2nd Japanese single is out in all the record stores in NIPPON. (That’s the island where E.Honda from St.Fighter lives) It was a very tiring 24hr shoot, but we did it. I’m really blessed to have such a good friend like Jimmy Hung to direct the whole thing. He really worked his butt off for this MV with the amount of time we had from story board to finish. Great job bro. Plus everyone else that helped with the project. The Animators, Sawoozer, and _____. The stuntmen, Eric, Eddie, you guys are...Read more

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What is LOVE?|愛是什麼?|爱是什么?|愛とは?

What does love mean to you? jaeson13-499x499

Jaeson Ma…can you digg it~! Love you bro! SOL!!!

If this song hits your heart in anyway…send this to as many people as you possibly can. Spread the LOVE Y’ALL!!!




C’MON~~ LE...Read more

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Dancin Till I Die~|一直跳舞至我死~|一直跳舞至我死~|死ぬまで踊るぜ~!

[Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzvoa0bM9pw



Thank you Mr. Eric Tu |

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watc...Read more

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AIR 2-DA MAX!|AIR 2-我的超級極愛|AIR 2-我的超级极爱|超最高AIR!

They finally came in…Purplicious…

img_3801 Thanks for the extra Sneak Peakz~!

img_3803 If anyone happens to be in Taiwan…def stop by and check out the exhibition…it’s going to be…Nuckin Futs!

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Chillin at the Park called Linkin~!|在一個叫做林肯的公園裡輕鬆~!|在一个叫做林肯的公园裡轻鬆~!|リンキンって公園でゴキゲン

I woke up this morning from a dream, in the dream, my work was canceled. I think God was telling me something…cause when I woke up…i got the call…work was canceled. God told me to chill out…and to remember to just have fun. That’s what life is about…I literally went to the venue not knowing how I was going to get in…I love my life.

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2nd Japanese EP Release Event| 第二張日本EP發報會|第二张日本EP发报会 | セカンド日本盤リリースイベント

Wow…so fast…but here we go again. I’m diggin it more than the first EP, songs are different from the first. Eazy~Breezy~Japaneezy~ C’MON! Here we GO~!


VanNess 2nd Single「I don’t wanna lose you」Release Event

VanNess 2nd Single「I don’t wanna lose you」02/09/2009 ON SALE


VANNESS 2ndシングルの発売を記念して、


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Mastermind TW|台灣策劃者|台湾策划者|Mastermind 台湾

This is the invitation for a Mastermind event in TW…1GB USB with a WAV file inside of what the event is….


The things you can do when you have no budget… | 這是台灣策劃者活動的邀請書…一個1GB USB,裡面有個WAV文件解释活動的細節….

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HERE US ROAR~!|聽我們吼一聲~!|听我们吼一声~!|我らの雄叫び~!

So many Birthday's in just the first week of August... Aug 1 Happy Birthday Aug 2 Happy BirthdayAug 5 Happy BirthdayAug 6 Happy BirthdayAug 7 Happy Birthday...Leo's Rule...Roar~! | 八月的第一個星期裡,有很多人生日…

八月一日  生日快樂

八月二日  生日快樂

八月五日  生日快樂

八月六日  生日快樂

八月七日  生日快樂

狮子星座最棒…吼~!| 八月的第一个星期里,有很多人生日…

八月一日 生日快乐 八月二日 生日快乐 八月五日 生日快乐 八月六日 生日快乐 八月七日 生日快乐

狮子星座最棒…吼~!| 8月の最初の1週間だけで誕生日がいっぱい・・・   8月1日 ハッピバースデー

  8月2日 ハッピバースデー

  8月5日 ハッピバースデー<...Read more

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Back…and…then…GONE AGAIN~|回來…然後…又離開~|回来…然后…又离开~|帰って・・それで・・・また出かけて ~

I’m back….sort of…been waking up at the crack of dawn shooting a tv drama in TW. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve decided to shoot a drama. All I can say is….”what did I get myself into?” It’s been a rough week…the summer heat is mad brutal…plus these lines…speaking in mandarin in lawyer terms…not easy…but I’m really learning a lot about myself all over again. It has definitely been a very humbling experience. I thank God that He has shown me my faults through this journey ear...Read more

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