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The Number One is a humbling feeling….|得到第一名的感覺很謙遜。。。。|得到第一名的感觉很谦逊。。。。|ナンバーワンって謙虚な気分・・・

OUR TV DRAMA…AUTUMN’S CONCERTO…#1 IN ALL OF TAIWAN THIS WEEK!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! What a great way to wake up on a monday morning…being told you are #1…Everybody…YOU ARE #1!!! Thank u 2 all who got us here! God bless~LET’S GO~!

The Episode that got us there…

Next week….Plot Thickens~!!!

Pray y’allz week if filled with Peace, Love, Passion.

Love, Faith, Live- | 我們的電視劇。。。下一站幸福。...Read more

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This Is It~|這就是(This Is It)天王傑克遜|这就是(This Is It)天王杰克逊

I’ve been wanting to watch “This Is It” for awhile now, and finally on one of my days off I was able to. I heard the tickets are impossible to get, but thank God for blessing me with such great friends. I was able to get tickets through a friend who’s family business so happens to be running movie theatres. Thanks Willie! You da Man~! At first I was just planning on watching it by myself as I do with most movies, but since these tix are hard to get I asked if this friend wanted to go, and he/she asked his...Read more

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Even strangers need love…



http://www.facebook.com/strangeloveinc |

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Happy Holyween|萬聖節快樂|万圣节快乐|ハッピー ホーリーウィン

This year instead of going door to door to get candy for myself, I decided to do something different. I was invited months in advance to attend an event at a life size Noah’s Ark in HK, to perform and speak to kids who have a problem with addiction. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, anger etc. And although I only slept 3 hrs from shooting the tv drama in TW, waking up at the crack of dawn to get on a plane to HK…I must say…I didn’t feel tired at all. The energy, and atmosphere was so positive and filled with so much life i...Read more

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Thank You Zoe!|謝謝Zoe!|谢谢Zoe!|Zoe ありがと!

I'm loving the MJ case, Dirty Dianna version! Still saving it for the right time to use it. If you need anything just holler neighbor~img_5733 | 我真的非常喜愛這個MJ 套子﹐Dirty Dianna 版本!  仍然保留著﹐等適當的時候才使用它。 如果需要什麼﹐隨時出聲啦﹐朋友~Read more

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Thank You Lord…#1 IN ALL IN OF TAIWAN~!| 謝謝上帝。。。全台灣#1~﹗|谢谢上帝。。。全台湾#1~﹗ |ありがとう、神様・・・台湾で1位~!

I woke up this morning to texts, bbm’s of congrats…at first in my sleepy haze I was wondering what did I just do? Then as I read further…I realized that last nights ratings for the TV drama; Autumn’s Concerto reached #1 in all of TAIWAN…Wow…Thank You God for blessing me with this love, I feel from You through this experience of hard work, long days, long nights, sleepless hours. This is a true blessing, I am deeply humbled. Thank you to all the supporters, fans around ...Read more

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The Neighborhood Hero, slammin down the Coca Cola Zero~|Neighborhood的英雄﹐狂飲可口可樂Zero~|Neighborhood的英雄﹐狂饮可口可乐Zero~|ネイバーフッド のヒーロー、コカコーラゼロを飲む~

Just got home from work, it’s quarter past midnight…Have work in the morning at 7:30am…i would say my mood is a bit sluggish ruggish bone~~~ but again…God is ever so awesome how He’s able brighten up my day/night before i go to bed….AIR MAIL~!!!


Neighborhood X Coca Co...Read more

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Next Stop; Happyness~|下一站﹔幸福~|下一站﹔幸福~|次の停留所、幸福~

The TV drama that I’v been working on is finally coming out…OCT 4th next Sunday. It’s not an action flick, or a hip hop stick, street culture thing…um…not even close…this ones for all fans who have asked me over and over again when am I going to shoot a love story…well it’s been 6 years…so to all the people that want a love story…here you go. Next Sunday Oct. 4th at 22:00 - 23:30 set your tv sets to TTV / SETTV (in taiwan) and make a night of it. And for all the haters who are rolling their eyes…I still have no...Read more

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Holy Tongues~|神聖的舌頭~|神圣的舌头~|聖なる舌~

Been awhile since I’ve updated…this TV drama is literally taking every single minute of my life right now…but it’s all good. Time is my friend when I have God to chill with meimg_4567…and even though work hrs are like 18-20hrs everyday but it’s all good. I’m really enjoying the vibe on the set. Everybody’s giving it their 100% to mak...Read more

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