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Will Smith’s Wisdom…|Will Smith的智慧。。。|Will Smith的智慧。。。|ウィル・スミスの知恵・・・


words to live by…do you have any?

I believe we all do…

God bless you… | 嘩。。。



上帝祝福你。。。| 哗。。。



上帝祝福你。。。| wow…




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A word from K. Vallotton…|K. Vallotton的話...|K. Vallotton的话...|K.ヴァロトンの言葉・・・

I know these are tuff times and these times require great leaders to make hard decisions to weather these storms.

But great leaders are not forged in hard times rather they are discovered in them. For true greatness is not the act of one decision but is the result of the secert life of someone who has yielded their soul to the Almighty in the hidden years of obscurity only to find themselves one day as the main act on the world stage of crisis.

Amen to that~! ...Read more

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The Mighty Rock Cross|吉他十字架搖滾項鍊|吉他十字架摇滚项鍊|マイティ ロック クロス

Seasons Greeting~Recently  a lot of people have been asking about the cross necklace that I wore in the tv drama. The piece is called "The Mighty Rock Cross" when I designed it I was thinking of what are some of the things that I love...and this is what came out...can you guys tell what elements are in it? And since everyone's been asking how to pick it ...Read more

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What did I ever do to deserve this…|我做了什麼﹐得到這樣的對待?| 我做了什麽﹐得到这样的对待?|こんなにしてもらっちゃって・・・

I came home from the airport and this is what I found…


Mr. Alan Peng thank you brotha~ really appreciate this out of no where. Let me know if you and the boyz from Oakley need anything. Sorry can’t be here when you get to TW but I’ll make sure you have a good time. Peace be with you bro~ Health & Happiness- God bles...Read more

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Behind the scenes from the “Autumn’s Stabbing”|“‘下一站﹐幸福’被刺”的幕後花絮|“‘下一站﹐幸福’被刺”的幕後花絮|「秋の刺殺」の舞台裏

About 2 weeks ago the episode where I get shanked by Mu Chen’s (lead actress) step father was aired…it was a pretty intense scene since we were running out of sunlight, and had to get all the shots in. Here’s some behind the scene pix of what went down…enjoy….

Right before I get shanked…


After I got sh...Read more

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Milk X|Milk X|Milk X|ミルク X

December is approaching…

Get your Milk money ready… |

準備拿你的Milk 錢吧。。。 | 十二月快到了。。。Read more

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The Number One is a humbling feeling….|得到第一名的感覺很謙遜。。。。|得到第一名的感觉很谦逊。。。。|ナンバーワンって謙虚な気分・・・

OUR TV DRAMA…AUTUMN’S CONCERTO…#1 IN ALL OF TAIWAN THIS WEEK!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! What a great way to wake up on a monday morning…being told you are #1…Everybody…YOU ARE #1!!! Thank u 2 all who got us here! God bless~LET’S GO~!

The Episode that got us there…

Next week….Plot Thickens~!!!

Pray y’allz week if filled with Peace, Love, Passion.

Love, Faith, Live- | 我們的電視劇。。。下一站幸福。...Read more

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This Is It~|這就是(This Is It)天王傑克遜|这就是(This Is It)天王杰克逊

I’ve been wanting to watch “This Is It” for awhile now, and finally on one of my days off I was able to. I heard the tickets are impossible to get, but thank God for blessing me with such great friends. I was able to get tickets through a friend who’s family business so happens to be running movie theatres. Thanks Willie! You da Man~! At first I was just planning on watching it by myself as I do with most movies, but since these tix are hard to get I asked if this friend wanted to go, and he/she asked his...Read more

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Even strangers need love…



http://www.facebook.com/strangeloveinc |

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Happy Holyween|萬聖節快樂|万圣节快乐|ハッピー ホーリーウィン

This year instead of going door to door to get candy for myself, I decided to do something different. I was invited months in advance to attend an event at a life size Noah’s Ark in HK, to perform and speak to kids who have a problem with addiction. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, anger etc. And although I only slept 3 hrs from shooting the tv drama in TW, waking up at the crack of dawn to get on a plane to HK…I must say…I didn’t feel tired at all. The energy, and atmosphere was so positive and filled with so much life i...Read more

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Taipei, Taiwan
August 24, 2007