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The Big M




The Big M


He was the epiphany of what dreams may be.   Growing up in the 80’s I was a product of the Big M,  Music TeleVision.  The final cross of meshing music and visuals something unheard and unseen of until it was introduced and mainly emphasize by a thousand folds with the Big M artistes of the times. They were the ones who rode in with this new creation and we know them as Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Thriller was sensational it cut to the heart of everyone’s imagination and left an impression that will forever live.  Mounting the foundation of how music was to be relayed and reach out to a different and new generation (s) to come.

Entertainment plays a large role in our psyche.  Its Art translated to the thousands and millions and although not necessarily good, for example think  food you can have nice cuisine, healthy foods and then you can have junk/ crap.  Entertainment’s the same way.


And now we are in the generation of the say.  Everyone has a say, we dissect , criticize, commend. We speak out.


But a legacy can never be taken away it takes time, effort yet looks effortless is timeless and can’t be denied.




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