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MJ Questions


Questions to Utt for The New Paper Publication (Singapore) Unedited


 1) Who are the current contenders to the throne and could possibly

replace his title?


There's no replacement for Michael Jackson's title the King Of Pop just like there's no replacement for Elvis Presley's title the King Of Rock N' Roll.

It's likely there'll be other titles for other future legendary artistes.



 2) Is the title King Of Pop passe or still relevant in this new music

 era? (did the boyband phase killed it?)

The title the King Of Pop is for MJ's accomplishment in his music career and his influence to music and artistes since.

The term is'nt a fad so I would'nt say its passe.   The King Of Pop otherwise known as Michael Jackson is very relevant to the music era

his influence is much seen in some of the artistes and boybands from generations ago till now whether its through dance, samples of his music

and music beats.  Hence Rihanna's Don't Stop The Music " Mama say mama sa mama coo sa " to the sounds of Neyo, Chris Brown dance

influenced Justin Timberlake, Usher.


It's important not to focus on the hysteria and craziness of his personal life, once you do then questions will arise is he relevant?

If you study his music and influence you'll realize he's very relevant.



3) There are so many Western pop queens and princesses, but how come so

 few princes and kings?

It needs to be earned and its not segregated into sexes its given to the power of influence and originality or the originality of

adapting and changing it into one's own.  The title will be there whether your male or female and your music, talent and influence

becomes part of history.




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