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Rock guitarist in Hong Kong looking to join a band! https://t.co/dnJrHHl9Ht

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Planetrox China Final 2013 - Planetrox China決賽

Say Mosquito, Synergy, Dr. Eggs, Shotgun Politics and Fame will go face to face in the finals for a chance to perform at Canada’s top alternative music festival! Winners will be chosen based on Audience (25%) and Judges (75%) vote!  The winning band that night will win an all expenses paid trip of a lifetime to go to Quebec, Canada and perform alongside NOFX and other headliners.

Come down to support your favourite band and the opportunity to win a unique Underground HK Zippo!

Five Finalist Band...Read more

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Underground 108 coming this month!

The Underground is back on track with it's numbered series and #108 promises a night of great home-grown music in the shape of three of the most exciting bands currently on the live music scene.  The show takes place at Backstage in Central and the date to mark in your diaries is Saturday, 22nd June 2013.   Opening band, Dark Himaya, bring their expressive ambient music with soaring vocals. Fronted by Ivy & Aileen, they're a visually and aurally exciting band who launched their debut CD earlier this month.  Then...Read more

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Turtle Giant (Macau) wins Planetrox China

Turtle Giant from Macau wins Planetrox China 2012.

The anticipation had been building up since early this year, it reached its apotheosis on 7th July 2012 as 5 bands went mano-a-mano for the final.

The audience was treated to bands such as the groovy hard rockers Bomber whose music blend elements from East to West.    Refiy stood out for a catchy jazz pop set entirely sung in Putonghua with a strong female lead singer.  Long-time metal veterans Tie-Shu-Lanknown for their gripping live performances, gr...Read more

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Planetrox China SEMI-FINALS are on now!

From the people who bring you The Underground HK,  comes the next promotion vehicle and music showcase for emerging homegrown talent to gain international exposure and springboard to worldwide success.  

One Hong Kong (including Macau) band will have the chance of a lifetime to perform in front of rock royalty, thousands of fans and top band headliners to be held at the Envol et Macadam - 

Quebec, Canada's top alternative music festival from Sept 6 th – 8 th 2012. In the past years, Bad Religion, Ma...Read more

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Calling all bands! Sign up to win your slot at an alternative music festival in Canada!

The Underground is proud to be involved for the second year with the Quebec Government to find a band from China to perform at the Envol et Macadam alternative music festival in September 2012. Bands can sign up now at:http://www.envoletmacadam.com/ en/ planetrox/china/(choose a registration form which is under the China section on the left hand side)or Read more

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The Underground CD4 was launched in May 2011

The Compilation CD entitled "Come On... Blaze Ahead!" was successfully launched at Hard Rock Cafe and Backstage in Lan Kwai Fong on 6 & 7 May 2011.

Now the CD is available at itunes and CDbaby and amazon for those of you outside of Hong Kong.  For those of you in Hong Kong, the CD is available at HMV and other record stores as well as events organised by ...Read more

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The Underground HK Compilation CD#4 快將出版!

香港市民注意!今年初 The Underground HK音樂勢力將會入侵本港,將隨時從地下蔓延到地上, 引爆市民的聽覺感官!警告:過去三年 The Underground HK皆推出年度的 The Underground Compilation CD, 集本地獨立音樂圈中最出色的音樂單位, 每張大碟均收錄了十一至十二支本地樂隊各兩首的原創歌曲, 首首都是精挑細選的佳作。 The Underground Compilation CD系列正好反映出當代本地樂隊的面貌, 使廣大市民有機會欣賞到本地樂隊豐富的創意, 見証住這一代獨立樂潮的最好音樂。The Underground Compilation CD#4 將會於今年4 月面世,由Mark 1 Music Centre 錄製,這張大碟表現出本地樂隊的多樣風格, 有電子樂、崩樂、藍調、爵士樂、Funky 搖滾等。繼無數多場的Live show 及過去三張集結大碟後,The Underground Compilation CD#4 絕對是The Underground HK 對香港獨立音樂文化的又一貢獻。醒來吧!從單調的流行曲解脫出來, 擁抱活躍創新的本土獨立原創音樂吧。快將出版的 ...Read more

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香港樂隊請注意! CD4 Applications are open!!



The Underground HK 相信,香港是世界上其中一個充滿非凡活力的音樂福地;因此,我們正籌備第四隻合輯,以顯示香港獨立音樂勢力創作性和音樂人的精神。

我們現正誠邀香港所有的樂隊來參與製作這張唱片,風格不拘;曾經或將會在Underground 演出的樂隊將更加會被優先考慮。惟曾參與合輯第一、二及三集的樂隊則不能再次參加。

每隊樂隊將會灌錄兩首原創歌曲,並收錄在 “The Underground Compilation #4″ 合輯內。錄音過程將會全部在Mark-1 Music Centre 進行,而所有錄音,混音與製作的費用將由 Underground HK 和 Mark-1 Music Centre 承擔。完成的唱片將會在所有Underground 舉辦的活動銷售,亦會分發到唱片店及網上作零售。參與樂隊可免費獲得合輯數張,並以優惠價購買光碟,或以交託形式取碟作銷售。

這項計劃由 Underground HK 與 Mark-1 Music Centre...Read more

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