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  • Since 2004, we have organised 160+ live music shows, reviewed 400+ bands, mentored bands, released compilation CDs & contributed to the Hong Kong live music scene.


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    24 March 2012 Xperience 8

    Saturday, Mar 24, 2012 9:00PM
    Sunday, Mar 25, 2012 1:00AM
    Xperience  View map
    G/F., 33 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
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  • Again, again, it is BACK, and it's as good as ever. Xperience Live reaches its lucky number with three great bands at your service. We start of by bringing out some young'ns with an electronifying take on rock, in the form of All For A Vision, followed by returning pot-stirrers Operator with their Anglo-alt rock. To close out the evening we all get to continue our ongoing love affair with the perennial favourite Brothers of Roadkill.
    Again, we've changed one thing about the set-up with a $110 entry charge; BUT, remember kids, it's for TWO drinks. A better deal you could scarcely get.
    It's gonna be fun, and you should be there!
    Xperience Live...#8
    @ Xperience, G/F, 33 Lockhart Road, Wanchai
    9:00pm - 1:00am
    Bands: All For A Vision, Operator, Brothers of Roadkill
    $110 (2 free standard drinks)
    More about the bands:

    All For A Vision:
    Four kids from an international school playing ass-kicking electro/post-hardcore rock. Born in the summer of 2011, All For A Vision evolved from a desire to throw indie rock, pop punk, electro house and hardtrance into a pot and stir. The result of that catastrophic combination is our loud, energetic music fueled by intense vocals, fingers-on-fire guitar solos, screeching synthesizers and ball-tickling basslines. Listen at your own peril.

    ‘operator’ started when Ben Robinson and Vix Peña met on the set of a music video. Shortly after, they bagged bass player; Marc Greiner, and drummer; Jon Lee, and set about writing songs to satisfy their creative needs. They are currently recording an album and lighting up the live scene in HK.

    Brothers of Roadkill:
    Brothers of Roadkill is a piano rock band that people can't seem to really define. With entirely original material and a resistance to being typecast as a “genre band”, Brothers of Roadkill takes inspiration from a wide range of styles – from blues to drum n’ bass...and more. This makes for a sound that is as edgy as it is innovative. The line-up is equally impressive: songwriters Adrian Fu (Piano, Vocals); CM (Bass); and Chi Tung (Drums) make up a dynamic and intense musical power-trio.

    Xperience Live 載譽回來!今次我們為樂迷帶來了三支樂隊:年青的All For A Vision將以電音揉合搖滾來打頭陣;之後有Operator以他們的英式另類搖滾作回歸演出;我們一直擁戴的Brothers of Roadkill將為當晚的壓軸演出
    Xperience Live...#8
    @Xperience (灣仔駱克道33號地下)
    9:00pm - 1:00am
    演出樂隊:All For A Vision;Operator;Brothers of Roadkill
    $110 (包兩杯飲品)

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