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It's been a long time..

Hey everyone ! It's been a long time since the band updated the blog last time.Recently, they have been working on new music in Japan. We hope to announce the next opportunity to see you around HK and China soon !!Please stay tuned for our next upcoming information !!Cheers,- Rio ( manager of THEE OUT MODS ) 

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Back Home!

Hey it's THEE OUT MODS! We're back from the tour, we had a freakin good time! we want to thank all the people that came to our show!And who helped us out with lots of info and planning this tour!!! especially ALIVE NOT DEAD!!!For those of you that couldn't come this timewe enjoyed it so much we will definitely come back!!!we hope to see you all soon!!!THEE OUT MODSP.S. if you have any pictures of us in Macau, Hong Kong or Taiwan Can we have them? We don't have any...

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ASIA TOUR!!! Till 4 Days!!!

This tour is sponsored by AliveNotDead!!!Hey Guys!!  THEE OUT MODS is doing another ASIA TOUR!!!This time it's going to be in 3 countries!!!If have a chance CHECK THEM OUT!!!Hope to see you all soon!!!<Day 1, Macau>Time/Date: Oct, 8th Thursday 9:00pmVenue:  LMA / XL Creation (Macau)Price:   MOP100Address: 澳門美副將大馬路 48至48D 萬基工業大廈 10樓 B座Bands: ScamperWhy Oceans, L.A.V.Y, Vibration<Day 2, Hong Kong>Time/Date: Oct, 9th Friday 10:30pmVenue:  The Fringe Club (香港)Price:   Presale-125HKD, Door-150HKDAddress:  香港中環下亞林畢道2號Bands  Very Ape , CLIMAX<Day 3, Taiwan>Time/Date Oct, 10th Saturday 8:30pmVenue:  Underworld (Taipei)Price:   NT$300Address: 台北市大安區師大路45號B1樓Bands:  BB Bomb ,  HOTPINK<Day 4, Taiwan>Time/date: Oct, 11th Sunday 8:30pmVenue:  VU Live House (Taipei)Price:   NT$200Address: 台北市武昌街二段77號B1 Bands:  Joker , The Hand Knife , EleshaIf you have any questions feel free to ask.

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THEE OUT MODS Interview in HK!!!

Hey Guys! THEE OUT MODS was interviewed by a Hong Kong magazine 

called "BC Magazine." There's a link attached to this,

So CHECK THEM OUT!!![]( magazine, hong kongSource: www.bcmagazine.netbc magazine the definitive source to hong kong lifestyle - events, films, concerts, dining, bars, clubs, sports and lifestyle.Se 7en Quickies: Thee Out Mods

What does the band name Thee Out Mods mean? 

Yoshiki: When I first started my band, it was with completely different members, unfortunately we broke up. But about a year later I met the members I’m with right now and we formed Thee Out Mods! Back when I started, I was really influenced by this Japanese rock band called the Mods so for our band name we wanted to use the word ‘Mods’. But if it was the same it would be boring, so I wanted a word that would jump out and go over Mods so ‘Out Mods’, and ‘Thee’ sounds cool, so the name Thee Out Mods was born!The best gig Thee Out Mods ever played – when, where, and why?

Ken:  It was when we first released our debut album and did a San Francisco tour. We were really excited and when we played, we just didn’t care about anything. We just did it with full energy! When the show was over we thought, ‘That’s how it should be!’

Sana:  Yeah, the show at the SF tour was great! But for me there still isn’t the ‘best’. Of course I always go for the best but when the show is over, I’m still not satisfied. I feel that I can do more.What was the most embarrassing moment for the band so far?

Yoshiki:  Well, it was me. It was when we did the Arizona tour, it was freakin’ hot! And at one show we played in somebody’s house in the basement, the heat was trapped and it was deadly! As we went on with our set, I just couldn’t concentrate and give out my full energy! The heat got me! I don’t know if the audience noticed, but it was embarrassing to my members because they noticed. Then when the show was over, the audience came to me with a cool look on their face – not even a sweat – and said please come back again! Yeah, that was an embarrassing moment!Where do you get your costumes from?

Yoshiki:  No! It’s not a costume! They are the clothes that we wear in normal life. Well, I wear the same clothes every day. I don’t care. We often shop at used clothing stores.What was the last record you bought/downloaded/lagged? What do you think about that album?

Ken:  We recently bought Good Evening Wonderful Fiend by a Japanese called Willard, Boogie People by George Thorogood and Boss Hog by Boss Hog! Boss Hog is a garage punk band in which the vocalist and the guitarist are a married couple. The band is really cool – it’s junk art. Their music is very original!The last live show that totally blew you away – what show was it and what was so great about it?

Ken:  International Noise Conspiracy! I saw them when I was still in LA. They totally blew me away! Not only them but a lot of bands in the US have a powerful vibration! Yeah, we need that vibration!Describe your music in seven words.

Ken:  We’re Rock’n’Roll Pirates from Japan!TOM are Sana (vocals), Yoshiki (bass) and Ken (drums). They play Hidden Agenda (1A, Chun Yip Street, Choy Lee Industry Building, Kwun Tong) on August 1, 8:30pm. Supporting acts are Eccentric, Paranoid and Beaker. Advance tickets are $75 by calling 6335 6366 or pay $85 at door.

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We're Coming to HONG KONG!!!

Hey Guys! 
Thee Out Mods going to do their first tour in Hong Kong! They're really fukin excited about it!!!They're playing a show on 7/31 and 8/1. "THE WANCH", 7/31(Friday):

From: 8:30 pm, 

Admission: Free,  18 and over

Adress: 54 Jaffe Rd Wan Chai

"HIDDEN AGENDA", 8/1(Saturday): 

From: 9:00

Admission: TBA,  all ages

Adress: 1/F 46 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun TongIt's going to be a Freakin awesome night!So come check it out!!!

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Thee Out Mods

Hi I'm Ryo I'm one of the staff from a Japanese Rock label called 7 Samurai Records,I want to introduce Thee Out Mods to YOU!!!THEE OUT MODS was formed in the summer of 2006 Los Angeles, California withSana (Vocal), Yoshiki (Bass), Ken (Drums), and Ace (Guitar / Producer)

as their support member. 

Between the years of 2006 to 2008 the band toured all across California, Nevada, Arizona, ext... leaving their marks all over the United States!!! 

On July 2008, 7 Samurai Records released their first album "ROCK'N'ROLL PIRATES" making 2000 limited supplies. After a while the album had been sold out in a short period of time, since then the band signed a contract with SONY, and 

decided to moved back to their original country Japan!

On March 2009 THEE OUT MODS made there debut in Japan, selling their first album all over the country!!!!

Now the band has spread out their field from US to Japan.

This time THEE OUT MODS is making their first landing on Hong Kong!

Their getting ready to rock the countries!!

So don't miss them or they'll be looking for you!!!  Website:

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Thee Out Mods was formed by Sana, Nanjo, Ken in the summer of 2006, Los Angeles, California. Between the year of 2006 to 2008 they toured all across California ...Read more

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