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Temur Mamisashvili is a martial arts actor, action director and fight choreographer, based in New York City. A former Soviet Wushu, sanda team member with 26 years of training experience, Temur has worked in China and the United States on a variety martial arts movies and television shows, including The Last Kung Fu Monk, Man From Shaolin, Blooming Flowers, and the CBS crime drama Unforgettable. Currently working in Hong Kong as an action director and actor for fuchture martial arts film Lady Bloodsport.

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TEMUR MAMISASHVILI New York, NY, United States Hong Kong, China Beijing, China US: 1 347 307 4643 HK: +852 9734 2875 http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2677515/

Performer Profile Gender: Male Height: 5 feet 10 in / 178cm Weight: 165 lb Age Range: 25 – 42 Physique: Athletic Hair Color: Black Eyes: Brown Ethnicity: Caucasian, Eastern European

Film The Pale of Settlement (2013)- Cossack Leader - Jacob Sillman Man From Shaolin (2012)- Russian bodyguard - Richard T. Wong

The Adjusment Bureau (2011)- Pedestrian - George Nolfi

Last Kung Fu Monk (2010)- Bodyguard - Zhang Li Peng / Shaolin Film Productions Gangster at the restaurant

Blooming Flowers (2009) - Lee - Fan Xin He

Love Like Wind (2007) - Peter - Mei-Juin Chen

TELEVISION Unforgettable (2011) - Isaac Niels Arden Oplev (CBS) Football Cops (2011) - Thug Direct TV STUNTS Man From Shaolin (2012)

Last Kung Fu Monk (2010)

Blooming Flowers (2009)

Love Like Wind (2007)

Theater Nutcracker in the Lower (2004 - 2008) Urban Ballet Theater Performer Skills Spoken languages: Georgian, Russian, English, Chinese Mandarin Athletic skills: Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Boxing, Soccer Performance Skills: Improvisation, Stunts, martial Arts, Singing

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Languages Spoken english, mandarin
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english, mandarin
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