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Thank you

Thanks for the bottom of my Heart for May 6 prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


Hello everyone! I made it!!!!!! Hooray!!!!! It was hard work but worth every sweat & tears.


These are a few words from my heart I’d like to say:

“There is never an end to learning, whether you’ve been on stage for over 50 years, keep learning and try to absorb all the good things you can, as someone taught me:

“You only need to answer to yourself, just do your best!” and so my prayer:


“Dearest Heavenly Father, Thank you so much for making my dream come true as without bringing these so specially gifted friends to me, this could not be …….So please bless & guard each of them & their families every single day!”...Suzan


I would like to express special thanks to the following as they really stuck with me thru thick & thin.  (Names are in RANDOM!  排名不分先後)


My Fantastic Band: Daiban, Damon .Alan, Vicky, Kuya Ricky “Thanks Guys!’

My Fabulous Chorus: Carol, Michelle, Larry & Ginger “Wow, wanna do it again, hee hee!”

My Beloved Band-Leader: Michel “Thanks for always being there for me!”

My Dearest Musical Director: Uncle Joey V “Thanks for no sleep! Love your singing too!”

My Dearest Special Guest Maestro: Mr. Andy Bautista (Wish you played more!!!!)

My Dearest Special Guests: Ms, Mimi Lo, (Dearest lil sis, “I know what KAU SUM交心is”, “Love your mom’s soup Yummy!”

Jazzy my youngest darling, “I’m very proud of you, good girl!”


My Dearest Assistants:

Cathy, “couldn’t have done it without you”

Janet, “Wow, great script with beautiful words, I will GUIE JURK咀嚼more!”

Jenus, “Thanks Dear!”, Neil Sy “Thanks Bro” & prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Lydia Fung


To My Dearest Big Sis: “Diva” Ms Teresa Carpio , for your love, care & very valuable advice, I will take into heart all the things you said & thanks for coming for ME!”


To My Dearest Personal Consultant: Ms E Pau (G A) “you know what’s in my heart”


Also special thanks to

Ms April Au

Ms. Daisy Yip

Ms Michelle Ho

Sharon & James “beautiful Makeup & Hair!”

Mr. Fergus Chow “your sweet song & talent”

Ms. Angel Ling “your long support & love”

Mr. Rick Wong “gorgeous pictures”

Wallace “What a Poster!”

Greenie “Nice Gown!”


To my dearest students:

Ms. Emme Wong, “You are not only my student but my daughter, I’ll always be there

for you like you are for me!”

Mr. Hon Yeung, “proud of you too!”


All my friends, Mr. Jacky Chan & Mr. Richard Yuen “thanks for taking the time!”

Even my old primary schoolmates from STS, “You guys really came, THANKS!!!!!”

& fans, some from USA, Canada, China & Macau & everywhere else, that helped make this possible.


Beautiful Flowers, fruits & warm support from:

Mr. Jacky Cheung Hawk Yau張學友先生

Maria Cordero肥媽& Rick

Louie Castro賈思樂先生

Black Girl黑妹小姐

Mr., Johnny Ip葉振棠先生, Yu Fung Je于楓姐

Mr. Vigo Yau丘亞葵先生, Mona 

ATV亞洲電視Yiu Yiu王璦瑤小姐, Kathy Chan, Carmen

Jun & Patrick

香港儒釋道院Mr. & Mrs. Tang

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Poon (Perfectech)

Ms Rosetta Fong

Ms Hon, Yung Je, Maisy & everyone

Hong KongAlzheimer's Disease Association


For Prayers & support from everyone:

Sir Wu Po Sing & family

Mr. Lam林建名先生(Crocodile Ltd)

Mr. Peter Cheung (Neptune Group)

Rebecca & David Ha (R & D riding school)

Aunty Sandra & Aunty Clara

RTHK Mr Albert Au香港電台區瑞強先生& Camping

RTHK Mr Alex LeeChi Kong香港電台李志剛先生

Cable TV Mr. Tsui Siu Ming有線電視徐小明先生

Metro Broadcast Ms. Bianca Ma

Metro Broadcast Sai Mun新城電台細蚊

Mr. Andreas Panayi & family

Mr & Mrs Denny Fok & Families of SMA脊髓肌肉萎縮症慈善基金

Mr. George Lam林子祥先生

Lily康子妮小姐& Ah Lo林曉峰先生

Mr. & Mrs. English Tang鄧英敏伉儷

Ms. Irene Ryder & Mr. Johnson Ling

Mr. Andes Yue余宜發先生

Ms. Garbo, Kattie & Carrie Sze

Mr. Tony Lam

Ms Deborah Moore

Oliver Chung & family

Babetree & Tabora family

Ms Didi Chaves

Father Amen

Father Ed

Andrew Tuason杜自持先生& family

Mr Wong Wan Choy黃韻材先生&姿姐

Mrs. Li

Roel & Tess

Mimi Casi & family

Mary Tsai & family

Wendy Fong & family

Paul & Regina Wong

Mr Clarence Hui許令華(許願)先生

Ms. Camelia Cheung張琪朗小姐

Lincoln Lo羅堅先生

Corpus family

Mr. Allan Ip

Ms Ng Lai Chu吳麗珠小姐

Mr Norman Chan

Mr Lo Tsan Shun魯振順先生


Delpha & family

Voon & family

Angelique Yeh 

Betty Je



Ms Cindy Lui & family

Mr. & Mrs. Wai

NYPD Mr. & Mrs. Peter Chan

LA's Big S: Sharon Tsai, Carol Yu, Karen & Joe

Reno's handsome Michael Chen




Philip (Vet)

Norman & Elaine

Joanne So

Georgiana Poon Canada

Hilda & Sandy (dear ENT nurses) & more, more wow.


If I forget any names, forgive me, its coz I’m too astonished but you are all in my heart!


For kind patience & support from The Media.



Cable TV

Apple Daily

Oriental Daily

Sing Pao

The Sun



Last but not least: to my husband: Johnny, “Always there to protect me”

My LBD1, “My eldest darling, who’s always by my side, in my heart & never lets me down, always comforts me”

LBD2, Jamisri & all my family I’m so happy I even want to thank my dogs & fishes too, Hee hee!!!

For without your love, support & prayers, this would not be possible.




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來自音樂世家的蘇姍,其母親是五、六十年代歌星,自小受音樂薰陶,培養了她對音樂的興趣和熱愛。 蘇姍年少時期已在不同地方表演,其後參加無線電視主辦的『全港酒廊歌手大賽』,並獲得冠軍。 蘇姍擅長演繹中外金曲,歌藝精湛,並展現個人風格。2008年,於香港大會堂舉行了<今宵請你留演唱會>。 翌年再於香港文化中心

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